Tech Tuedsay – Pace Cycles

January 10, 2013

In our second Tech Thursday Adrian from Pace Cycles  digs back into the past to reveal the Pace RC240…


Its a Pace RC240 dirt jump 24″ wheel model. originally designed and ridden by the team in 1999 (anodised satin blue for Team) it never made it to production even though it appeared in the catalogue. Chris Akrigg also did a little 4X on one too. These pics taken in Dalby of course where the bike was developed.


This particular bike was one of only 5 made, and this is the one that was displayed in the Millenium Dome in 2000


Its a pretty special frame, handmade and gusseted here and there particularly to HT and ST mast. Unusually the external butting is reinforced in tube centre to prevent frame deflection should the bike be cased on landing. Fork is also a special designed for 24″ wheels, progressive wound coil spring, shorter carbon legs etc.


“24” HED alloy rims were pretty special (Team was sponsored by HED and I can’t remember if these where special team issue). Same applies to BETD chain guide.

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