Tuesday Treats 19: Welcome to the Coffeedome

December 4, 2012

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s Treat time (no, not Chipps in Frankie’s leathers). Unfortunately the usual provider of early mid-week goodness is off sick (get well soon Jamie! 🙂 ), so we thought this might be time to wheel out that stalwart of Singletrack’s intermittent but still magical mystery tour: the Singletrack office kitchen.

Busking, despair and hard liquor: situation normal for Singletrack Towers on a Tuesday. We're not quite sure what Grace is doing but we're sure that's normal too.

This is where the staff gather to drink coffee/stew tea/cook bacon/eat fish and chips for lunch. It’s also where we welcome the bike trade stalwarts who come to Singletrack to show us new stuff (Ian from Wildcat Gear and the Madison peeps are this week’s visitors), chew the fat and drink our coffee. Scheduled visitors and random passer-bys always get a warm welcome – obviously those who arrive armed with Krispy Kremes/pies from Oddies/a box of posh pastries from Patisserie Valerie get an extra warm welcome, but we’ll still be pleased to see you if you’re on a narrowboat holiday and were moored up in the lock out back when you recognised the building (this has actually happened), or have broken your chain but can’t be bothered to take your bike to the bike shop half a mile up the road (so has this…).

Wega, baby!
Singletrack mugs: the cockroach of the ceramics world (survives everything).
Our lovely table! Plain chocolate digestive for scale.
This explains a lot.

The kitchen is also where we keep office essentials like our special custom-made boardroom table/magazine rack/bacon sandwich serving platform (from lovely local craftsman and Five-rider, Jim Leach), our comprehensive and probably quite valuable by now collection of vintage bike trade promo mugs, the hard-working Singletrack coffee machine (Wega Nova single group, non-automatic, plumbed-in, currently wired to single phase power and capable of three phase, 2700 Watts [!], fact fans) and the Singletrack Corporate BS List…

Zoom in. But not too close on the picture to the left, for your own sake.

We are a proudly independent company and so get to make up our own rules: therefore certain items of management speak that might otherwise be in regular use in other offices without the batting of an eyelid, are banned and subject to a fine if anyone is caught using them in anything other than an ironic context. Though, this being a crowd-sourced document, the contents are sometimes subject to some rather heated ‘discussion’…

"The Fingers." See also, "The Talking With The Hands." We'll let him off this time.

Which brings us neatly to the treat bit…

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