Eurobike 2012: Matt’s View

September 14, 2012

Keep it simple stupid.

Well another Eurobike over and with it a similar feeling to a teenager in a post Christmas comedown: a bit bloated; liver is whining and a sense of it not living up to expectations , the ‘adults’ (the bike industry) have taken down the Xmas lights and decorations and have popped them away for next year.

Of course Eurobike isn’t like that – and if you’d never been before and were even remotely into bikes, you could run round giddily for a few days whirling in circles looking at all shiny new things you want – looking at things you don’t understand and finish off with the traditional look at the body-painted breasts of the Kelly girls (Assuming a whole load of things – that you have a preference for breasts and you’re that desperate for a cheap thrill) In fact, you could easily come away from Eurobike going; ‘AMAZING!’

Post Eurobike I was a little underwhelmed initially – what was there that was new? Well a wheel size was being touted left and right, with a balance of born-again zealots who really believe it’s better and others who just want some kind of affirmation that it’s the next big thing.

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Actually it wasn’t a bad Eurobike at all.


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