Sea Otter 2012: New Reynolds Wheels and a Haro 29er

by Chipps 2

Yep, there’s still more from the Sea Otter. Nearly enough to keep you entertained until Press Camp and the other summer launches fill your world with 2013 goodness…

Anyway, while perusing the Haro booth, we spotted a new 29er with some new Reynolds wheels – which turn out to be a whole family of normal, medium and big wheel sizes. Shall we take a look?


Reynolds has three (actually four) new wheels coming out. There’s a 26 XC, a 26in All Mountain, a 29er and a 26in tub wheel all in the works and all ready in time for the autumn. (And there’s a 27.5in too… so that makes five…)

XC – the XC carbon wheel features a narrow 17mm internal bead width, but with 24 holes it comes in at 1426g for a pair. £1299.99

AM – The 26in all mountain AM wheel has a much chunkier profile and a 21mm internal width. The wheel will feature 28 spokes and is said to weigh in at a reasonable 1588g. £1249.99

29er – the 29in wheel is deeper and more aero looking than the others and features the wider of the two profiles with a 21mm spoke bed. With 24 holes it’s said to come in at 1570g or so. £1349.99

Tubular – for the super XC focused rider, there’s a tubular with a wide 25mm bed and a low weight of 1371g for the wheels. Upgrade reckons there’s no interest for these, so don’t hold your breath.

All of these wheels will be in the UK by June.


Family photo

With a bit of prodding, Len from Reynolds was persuaded to unveil the prototype 27.5in wheel too for the full family photo. The ‘middle way’ wheel will have the same rim profile as the 29er. Incidentally, those rim walls look mighty short – wonder if they’ll be as hard to get tyres on and off as Stan’s rims…


Big, the third way, and normal...


The hubs will have swappable end caps to run most axle standards


Clement is a name to make old roadies go misty-eyed, but it has a new driving force behind it. Look for lots of new interesting stuff soon.


Once known for its steel tubing, it seems that Reynolds has been automatically accepted as a carbon rim manufacturer.

Haro 29er

This is the Flightline carbon 29er from Haro. It features full internal cabling, BB92 bottom bracket and flattened seatstays for rear shock absorption.


Monster wide down tube thanks to the BB92 setup


Neat cabling (unless you need to change it)



Wonder if/when we'll see these in the UK?




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  1. Good that the Reynolds wheels don’t have internal nipples. Any word on availability as rims?

  2. I’ve asked for you and rims only will be around £650 each.

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