Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender Rider Profile: Nick Craig

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1. What’s your name?
Nick Craig.

2. What’s your job?
Technical Rep for Scott Sports.

3. How long have you been racing bikes?
34 years.

4. What’s the best bit about The Classic Weekender?
Old School fun.

5. What’s the worst bit about The Classic Weekender?
Me biting the dirt in the pump track challenge.

6. What’s your favourite aspect of The Classic Weekender?
The ‘all round rider’ element.

7. What sections of The Classic Weekender were your strengths?
I was okay at most.

8. What sections of The Classic Weekender were your weaknesses?
Committing to the downhill.

9. Some random Q’s… Any pet hates?

10. What are you never seen without?
A peak.

11. Website you visit the most?
MTB = singletrackworld. Road = cyclingnews.

12. What one thing would you rescue from your burning house?
My kids.

13. Favourite place to race?
Dalby Forest.

14. Most impressive cycling injury?
Fifteen stitches in my face, 1989 indoor race at the NEC.

15. What’s your desired super power?
I bet flying would be handy.

16. What was the last bike race you did?
NPS 1 Sherwood Pines.

17. What is the next bike race you’ll do?
NPS 2 Dalby Forest.

18. What are your expectations for this year’s Classic Weekender?
Fun and great banter. See you there!

Lee Quarry, Lancashire, July 14-15, 2012

A weekend of Trials, Downhill and XC racing
3 different races
1 Bike
The ultimate “all rounder” event

Only £40 for the whole weekend!
Includes camping.
Entry to all three events.
Each race MUST be completed on the SAME BIKE.


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