Sea Otter 2012: KS Kind Shock uppy downy posts.

April 30, 2012

KS – Kind Shocks was showing a couple of new seatposts at this year’s Sea Otter: the LEV and the Integra.

The Lev is air sprung and a cable operated hydraulic up/down post and has a cable access at the top of the seat post outer collar at the base of the seatpost shaft. This has the same advantage as the Crank Bros Kronolog in that when you adjust the post up and down, there’s no giant loop of outer cable flapping around as on systems where the cable mounts to the saddle clamp area. The LEV is much lighter than previous posts and will come and 30.9 and 31.6. There was a 27.2 post on the labels too, but not on show.


The LEV's collar will rotate 360° to allow your cable to approach it from any angle.



Pushbutton bar mount.

 So that’s the LEV. There’s also a LEV Integra, which is for those bikes designed to have internally routed adjustable seatposts. Here the cable enters the post from below, up the seat tube, and does away with any external cabling once the outer cable enters the frame at the headtube. Scott and Trek currently offer this option, but expect to see more next year.

Neat handlebar switch.


Look mum, no cables.

Compared to the seatclamp mounted cable version, both versions look super neat.

The new posts are said to be available 'right now'



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