Sea Otter 2012: Easton’s New 35mm ‘standard’

April 20, 2012

Welcome to the start of our Sea Otter coverage for 2012… Let’s get stuck in with the latest from Easton. Basically, it’s all gone bigger, wider and better…

Easton has always had highly regarded XC and downhill handlebars, with its original Monkeylite Carbon, the Haven XC and Havoc DH bars in both aluminium and carbon. Well, it’s all changed…

Easton found that riders wanted wider and wider bars. It’s 750mm Havoc bar wasn’t wide enough (apparently) so it looked to make a wider bar. The trouble with all that leverage is that it makes wider bars prone to failure – or to beefy weight. After a lot of testing, Easton has come out with a new 35mm handlebar diameter, with surprisingly impressive results. Easton had already introduced 35mm bars with it’s Motocross line a few years ago to great acclaim, so why not try it for MTB?

Colours too...


Two new Easton stems: DH direct mount and regular 1.1.25in steerer.


Doesn't look that odd actually, does it?


So light that Dain only needs to hold on with one hand.


By increasing the centre section of the handlebar to 35mm (yes, it’ll need a new, proprietary stem, but bear with us) Easton found that it could make an 800mm wide, 35mm centre bar, that’s not only stronger, but lighter too…

Here's the regular stem with the new bar on a Nomad.


Taking the Havoc Carbon 35 and comparing it to the Havoc 31.8 Carbon, the handlebar is 15% stronger in Easton’s failure drop-test, it’s 10% stronger in fatigue and it’s 21% stiffer. Pretty impressive.

It’s also 10% lighter(!)




The Easton carbon Havoc 35 bar (above) is made of Easton’s EC90 top end carbon and weighs a mere 220g for an 800mm bar. It has a 20mm up rise and a 9° backsweep. The above setup weighs 330g – which is the same weight as Easton’s carbon road stem and carbon road handlebars. When you put it that way, that’s really, really impressive… Plus there’s a five year warranty against defects. Even better, we should be able to see the bars in the UK by about June…


The front bar is the ally Havoc, still only 300g. The regular stem comes in 50mm only and weighs 190g.

If you feature the (alternate) future, don’t worry as the 31.8 Havoc bar will still continue.



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