Sea Otter 2012: Prototype Nukeproof Rook

April 25, 2012

Here’s Nukeproof’s prototype team stunt bike, the Rook. It’s built to take a bunch of punishment and being dropped repeatedly from a great height while you get your tailwhips sorted (yeah, us too…)


Downtube is like a flattened Toblerone...



Regular 135mm rear, only with a six speed cassette


Gear fine tuners there.


TT shifter on the MASSIVE down tube


Front hose hose down the steerer tube, rear brake comes out of the gold banjo.



To keep things neat and tangle-free, there’s a down tube mounted shifter – using a SRAM time trial return-to-centre shifter. And there’s also a ‘hydraulic gyro’ which means that you can spin the bars (or the bike) endlessly without worrying about tangling or breaking hoses.

It’s a ‘proper 2013’ bike but we’re sure we’ll be seeing it in the meantime.

Now, who was it complaining that there were no low rise, wide bars that you can run on a 29er? How about these Nukeproof ones?

New York taxi yellow we presume?


740 or 780 by the looks of things...



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