Midweek Mini Movies 92

by singletrackjon 7

If you dare look up from the keyboard and to the world outside, you may not be surprised to know that spring has properly sprung. You may be trapped in work for now but don’t worry, soon we’ll be able to ride during the week without the tyranny of battery charging, multiple layers and draggy mud tyres. In the meantime, let us transport you to a better place with this week’s pick of bite sized bike joy…

We don’t usually start off with BMX stuff, but basically this edit is so mind blowingly brilliant that we thought we’d share. Here’s Greg Illingworth smashing the streets of South Africa and the UK to bits.

The inexorable rise of Danny Hart continues with part two of Hart and Soul, following his move from Junior ranks to the heady heights of World Champs victory…

You may have seen the episodes, but say goodbye to your lunch-break with the full edition of the Dudes of Hazzard Movie. It’s 30 minutes of life-affirming, road-tripping mountain biking silliness courtesy of the Baeys from the Highlands.

Sweden looks amazing. Stockholm is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on earth and just a short distance away you’ve got trails like this. Such is their dedication to integration, personal choice and freedom that H-bar’d Jones and full suspension mountain bicycle can frolic together on the winding trails of Rotholm in perfect harmony. Thanks to SSWC06 organiser and shed-built-bike aficionado Tobias J for the edit…

One in four people in the UK suffer from some form of mental illness, with depression amongst the most common symptom. Stu Potter decided to do something to raise awareness of a silent epidemic by taking on the challenge of cycling 400 miles from Edinburgh to London in support of the mental health charity Mind. You can follow his journey at his blog, but in the meantime, here’s his video diary..

Follow the trials, tribulations and eventual victory of Greg Minnaar of the Santa Cruz Syndicate at the Pietermaritzburg World Cup in this rather 80’s soundtracked edit from John Lawlor…

If you ever wonder what World Cup downhill run at full chat is like, then here’s Steve Peat chasing that same Mr Greg Minnear down the red earth trails of South Africa. It does make you realise how fine the differences between top level riders are; just tiny contractions and expansions in the rubber band that connects two riders..

The Red Bull Mini Drome returned to London recently. Check out this edit from EyesdownFilms.tv for some tiny track based, fixed gear gladiatorial brutality.

Hannah from Maia Media has returned to offer some a lovely bit of Blue Peter style DIY top tippery for making a portable homebrew cable cam so you can shoot your very own Clay Porter-esque sequences. For a full breakdown, head to her website…

If you’re a Lake District local then you’re pretty bloody lucky already, what with a plethora of natural trails to sink your teeth into. If you fancy something fresh then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new addition the the man made trails at Grizedale, with the creation of a kilometre of brand spanking black graded trail. It’s set to be launched this Friday but in the meantime here’s a little video sneaky peek..

Mr Tony Doyle of UK Bike Skills returns with the sixth instalment of hi video blog. Find out what’s up in the world of Force guided coaching, kit choice and why it’s worth checking your bike out thoroughly before turning up for a skills session…

Ahh, the charms of the Yorkshire Dales. It’s not all seemingly endless grassy climbs and stone walled descents in the endless summer of our youth as this edit from local guiding company Roots Riding shows…

Big thanks to everyone that suggested videos for this week. If you’ve got any suggestions then send them to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we might just pop them up here. If you’re missing Matt’s Arts and Crafts corner then don’t worry, he’ll return next week…

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  1. Completely uninspired by the black section at Grizedale I must admit, especially when there’s so much amazing technical riding (as oppose to fast tabletops) around the forest off the man-made trails.

  2. Yeah why make something contrasts to everything else on offer?…… Oh hold on that sounds like a good idea.

    Miles and miles of technical natural riding – Check
    Fast, flowy jumps and berms – Nope
    I am looking forward to riding this having had a sneaky walk down the side of it a week or so ago.

  3. Shame they sometimes slo-mo the best bits in the vids. The stunts speak for themselves, don’t need some bed-wetter pointing them out to me.

  4. The Dudes of Hazard movie is brilliant. Laugh out loud funny and marvellously daft. Thoroughly enjoyed it so lots of respect to the Dudes!

  5. Greg Illingworth………………respect duly lavished.

    I have no idea how:
    a) you learn to do those things
    b) he doesn’t protect his noggin.
    He wears a helmet on the last one, but it got a “Noooo” out loud from this talentless schmuck when I realised what he was about to do.
    Like to think I’m more of an academic, sensitive type…….

  6. Loved The Dudes Of Hazzard movie, makes me want to be carefree and 21 again though!

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