Female stunt rider needed to join The Clan

March 22, 2012

If you’re a lady with skills to put everyone else to shame and fancy your chances as a professional stunt rider, then this will be right up your street. The Clan cycle stunt team, previously home to talented riders such as Danny MacAskill and Katy Curd, need a new female rider to join the team. They’ve come up with a competition to select their new rider, with £5,000 on offer for the winner. Full release below…

“For the second year running ‘The Clan’, Scotland’s Cycle Stunt Team, are on the hunt for a female stunt cyclist to join their team this summer. This year there is a huge £5,000 up for grabs for the lucky rider and the chance to join the team for May and June, touring schools and events across Scotland.

Lynne Aitchison getting cross...

The Clan are unique in the UK in the fact that every year since they began in 2008, they have always featured female stunt cyclists. This is the second year they have used a competition format to find the hottest talent in the female riding scene. For 2012 they are also putting on a women’s weekend for all competition entrants who can train and practice together on custom-built ramps and in a foam pit designed to allow riders to crash without hurting themselves.

Clan manager Iain Withers said: “Our shows are designed to prove that cycling is an exciting activity that everyone can have fun doing. It’s important to have diversity in our team and especially to ensure a female rider is present to show all the girls out there riding is not just for boys. This year as well we are inviting all of the entrants to come and train with our team and take advantage of crash mats, a foam pit and our custom-built ramps. It’s a great opportunity for female riders out there to gain confidence and learn tricks. If we find someone as talented as last year’s winners, we’ll be stoked!”

Last year professional mountain bike racer Katy Curd was joint winner of the all-female competition. She said “Last year I was lucky enough to get selected to spend a couple of weeks touring with The Clan and it really was such a good experience.  Doing the tour and putting on shows was a new experience for me but I enjoyed every minute of it, being able to show to people just what can be done on two wheels, inspiring kids to get into cycling, giving children something to aim for and hopefully encouraging people to get out on their bikes. Due to racing commitments this year I am gutted not to be able to take part again in this year’s competition but it hopefully gives someone else the opportunity to get involved.”

To enter the competition you must be female, a BMX or mountain bike rider and available in May and/or June 2012 (the competition win may be split between two riders). The prize includes training, accommodation and food on tour and a £5,000 fee. For an entry form, please contact Clan manager Iain Withers at iain@mb7.com.

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