Midweek Movies 88

February 29, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Midweek Movies, leaping to you on the 29th of February. We’re all about the proposing and not about the posing. Honest.

It’s been a hectic three years for Danny MacAskill. In that time he’s moved from being a bike mechanic in an Edinburgh shop to a Red Bull sponsored athlete with more YouTube hits under his belt than an extremely cute kitten. He’s just been sponsored by Lezyne and in this edit he heads back to the MacDonalds Cycles workshop in Edinburgh to talk about riding, tricks and to revisit some old spots…

Some trails seem to get named out of all proportion to what they are, but the this video from┬áDoug from Basque MTB shows the ‘Rocky Hell Road’ which does look rather rocky and is a road – but actually looks like a whole double pinch flat of fun.

Web editor Jon has been building up a backlog of snowy biking videos, just in case the snowpolcalypse finally arrives and a bit of inspiration is needed to get out and get hypothermic. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen at this rate though, so time to offload them. Jam Hook shot this near Helsinki, Finland, a couple of weeks back…

As man caves go, Brian Lopes has a pretty amazing one, as seen in this video. It’s not about boys toys really though, no, it’s about pancakes and coffee. And bike riding. In the sunshine. In Cali.


And now for something from the London International Bike Polo Champs that was held at Excel this January. (If you look closely, you can see our booth’s Singletrack flag in the distance)

Here’s what Trole Industries have been up to over the winter – no, not hiding under bridges or being pointlessly offensive on the internet – they’ve been out digging and riding, like proper human beings.

You’ve probably seen the film event of the year that is the Dudes of Hazzard Movie up on the front page, but it’s not all glamour for Messrs Barnes & co. Actually, it is. Here there are in Jamaica, visiting family and doing some sweet bike riding.

And here’s the Red Bull Hill Chasers – a two-up nighttime race up Bristol’s Park Street.

Here’s a sunny UK racing video! Round 1 of the 2012 Midlands XC Series from Hicks Lodge, Leicestershire. Looks pretty fun for a Sunday morning in February…

Here’s a random oddity from FactCoExist about a bike with regenerative braking using a flywheel…

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If you’ve seen anything you reckon should be up here then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll check it out. Big thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week…

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