SRAM introduces mountain bike wheels

October 7, 2011

We’re a bit busy in the office today, so we were going to just run an unapologetic press release about SRAM’s new mountain bike wheels. However, it was so full of hyperbole, that we’re just going to summarise it for you.

Having bought Zipp a few years ago, SRAM has been making some nice road wheels, so it was inevitable that it would come out with some mountain bike wheels. They will come in carbon and aluminium, in 26in and 29in.

They will be called ‘Rise’ – the Rise 40 is the aluminium model, in 26in and 29in and will be out this month. The Rise 60 is the carbon version and will be available in 26in at the turn of the year and in 29in in February or so. We only have Euro prices at the moment. Rise 26 and 29in will be €465 a pair. Rise 60 in carbon will be €1800 a pair.

Oh, and SRAM reckons they’re great. “Every wheel connects you to the ground. But only RISE wheels can carry you to new heights.”

Now for some pics:

First the Rise 40 – nice wide rim there

Here's the Rise 40 in 26in




Rise 40 in 26in


Rise 40 29er wheel in 15mm



Rise 40 in 29in flavour


Rise 40 29er hub


Rise 40 29in

Weight per pair of the SRAM Rise 40 wheels: 26in: 1710g – 29in: 1840g


And some carbon goodness:


And now for the carbon. Looks rather similar to the ally wheel.



More slender hubs and bolt-thru front


Bolt thru rear too


Weights for the carbon wheels: Weight per pair 26in: 1330g – 29in: 1420g


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