Ride Sheffield petition to prevent byway sanitisation

October 24, 2011

This should be of interest to anyone that rides in the Peak District, local or otherwise. Access and trailbuilding group Ride Sheffield have been in touch to say that they need your support to help make the Sheffield Rights of Way team reconsider planned surfacing work on the Jumbles Road/Houndkirk byway in the Peak District.

Red hightlights are where the work is planned....

The notice, posted by the Sheffield Council Rights of Way team, says that they plan to improve the surface of three different sections across the moor, resurfacing the existing path with locally sourced crushed gritstone, in an attempt to slow down erosion and improve the drainage.

However, Ride Sheffield are campaigning to make the council reconsider. They believe the surfacing work will destroy the character (and fun) of an archetypal Peak District Bridleway, something they say has happened to other trails in the area.

“Not only will this detract from the natural, visual environment, but it will also reduce the enjoyment of the Byway by walkers, mountain bikers and fell runners.”

“We are aware that some work needs to be done to improve drainage as well as improving access for all, but we feel that it can be done in a far more sensitive and considered manner.”

They have created a petition in the hope that if enough riders express their concerns over the surfacing work, the Council will reconsider and attempt to carry out the work in a more sympathetic manner.

If you agree with this, they’d like you to sign the petition, which can be found below.


We’ve lost a few a few local bridleways to insensitive resurfacing work, so a positive outcome to this could help set a precedent that work to control erosion and drainage can be carried out with the input of all interested parties. Get involved!

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