Trans-Provence kicks off this weekend

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Ash and the crew from the Trans-Provence have sent us news about the third installment of the epic gravity enduro stage race. This year, as well as the wide variety of ‘normal’ riders, there’s a packed pro field including names as big as Tracy Moseley, Nico Vouilloz, Fabien Barel as well as Wales’ finest, Rowan Sorrell.

Singletrack Premier Subscribers can check out what the race felt like for our very own Matt, ‘cos he rode it last year – see HERE for his article. Press release follows:

“Get Ready! Sunday 25th September 2011 sees the start of the 3rd Trans-Provence.

Competitors from around the world will take part in this unique event that covers 320Km of France, from Gap in Provence all the way to Monaco on the coast.

With 26 timed downhill special stages spread across the seven days , the winner will have to be not only fit but a skilled technical rider.

Someone who isn't a pro rider - Matt as T-P 2011...

This year for the first time we have an amazing pro division consisting of:

  • Andreas Hestler
  • Anka Martin
  • Ben Cruz
  • Fabien Barel
  • Jérôme Clementz
  • Marc Beaumont
  • Mark Weir
  • Nico Vouilloz
  • Rowan Sorrell
  • Tracy Moseley

We’re going to be filming and there will be video updates every day so keep watching!

For more info go to or check back on Singletrack for updates as they happen…

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  1. This ‘normal’ rider will see you there Ash, I confess to being scared and excited all at the same time. Worried about my bike, my gear, my fitness, my skills my my my … lol. cant wait. :o)

  2. That just looks sooooo amazing I might wet myself. In fact. I think I just did.

    The perfect antidote to that sinking feeling from the damp autumn misery that is building day-by-day outside my window right now. Wish I were there too..!

  3. Anyone up for some predictions of the mens top three (and womens top 2!)?

  4. Isn’t Steve Jones Wales’ finest?

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