Interbike 2011: Race Face

September 13, 2011

Yep, you heard that Race Face went all a bit wrong for a while earlier this year… well, it’s back and it’s got some new backers and bosses and is cranking out new kit as if nothing happened…

A table full of goodies…

The Atlas freeride components have been given a tickle, with a new, 60g lighter crank (which uses the new EXI crank arm interface for less struggling with big Allen keys) – the FR bar too now gets a 3/4in rise as well as the 1 1/2in rise. It’s now 785mm wide too.


Respond is RF’s mid-range gravity crank and a matching 740mm bar is also available.

Downhill’s getting lighter and this Six carbon DH crank looks to be one of the must-have pieces. It features carbon cranks with steel inserts. Weight is XTResque at 650g…

And here’s something for the XC racers – the NEXT SL crank seen here wit ha 26/38 2×10 setup comes in at 595g.

And here’s the cheerfully named Chester cranks, Race Face’s entry level DH crank.

The Atlas FR crank, as mentioned above is 80g lighter and the new EXI interface makes crank removal less of a struggle. Graphics have changed too – instead of a topo map of the North Shore, there’s now one of Whistler…

And here’s the Turbine 2X crank. Comes in 1x, 2x and 3×10 and in 24/36, 26/38 and 28/40 for the 2x setup.

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