Access All Areas – Got a minute or two?

September 20, 2011


As part of this “greenest” Government’s bonfire of regulation its Red Tape Challenge is asking for views on Environment.

As they say:

“These regulations aim to conserve vulnerable or rare species, habitats and wildlife sites. They also control access to footpaths and national parks.”

Pretty important we feel you’ll agree. So it’s somewhat worrying to see the following options to attract the ‘outraged of Berkshire’ views:

Should we scrap them altogether?


Can we make their enforcement less burdensome? How?

If you want to see rights of way law protected, it’s probably worth commenting on the site.

It might be worth mentioning widening the right to roam to other outdoor users too.

You may even want to point out why protecting National Parks, countryside and wildlife are important while you’re there

Make yourself be heard!

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