Singletrack Sleepless Searchable Results!

Our clever IT guys have pulled apart the results from last weekend’s racing and made a searchable database where you can find the times for your laps, those of your teams or anyone else for that matter. Just search in the live-search box with your race number or name and you’ll be able to pull up your results, number of laps; time, speed, fastest lap and so on. You can see where your total number of laps puts you out of all racers (our tip is not to look at the solo racers… or you’ll get depressed) – and also see how your speed compares. In addition, you’ll see your team’s laps too so you can see how you fared against them. If you want to see how your friends on another team got on, then simply search again and look for their name or race numbers. You can also search for categories too.

If you’re a spreadsheet whizz and would like to do your own results wrangling, then you can download all the results as Excel files here

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Team total laps32
Rank in category13
Total time (h:mm:ss)24:23:16

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Team results Alaskan Puppies with New Recruits

Team nameAlaskan Puppies with New Recruits
Team total laps9
Rank in category59
Total time (h:mm:ss)25:33:06

The team riders

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Rider No Rider Name Laps Total time (h:mm:ss)
988Michael Mallet86:34:00
989Alex Linge85:57:46
991Philip Goodrum85:56:43
992Daniel Wood85:54:47
825Adrian King23:49:01
826Stuart Castle25:38:33
828Andrew Green26:05:27
827Mark Holden310:00:05

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