New Danny Macaskill Video!

August 15, 2011

As shot by Singletrack’s good pal Stu ‘MTBCut’ Thomson. This time, Danny gets Industrial!



Together with Danny, director and camera man Stu Thomson had been looking for the perfect location for a while which wasn’t easy at all. Since Danny already filmed several legendary videos in cities and the Scottish highlands, Stu and Danny decided to settle for a combination of urban and country context: An old, abandoned ironworks factory in the Scottish countryside completely exposed to nature. A perfect playground…

“We wanted something different from Danny’s other videos but as I’m from a MTB background I didn’t want to produce a standard ‘urban’ BMX style video. We looked hard for a location that would have a character in the film and make it very different from the others ” said Stu

Stu and Danny only took a single week for the shooting in the South of Scotland, so the production was pretty stressful. But as you can see in the result of their work, it was a lot of fun and led to a fantastic outcome and lots of spectacular tricks. Danny comments: “We were pretty tight on time making it, as I have had a busy year but with Stu’s filming skills and a great soundtrack I think we have managed to pull of a fun little film! It should also be available to view on YouTube that night if you miss it on TV so keep a look out and spread it, if you like it!”



We’d better get on and show you the clip. At time of posting, it had only been seen 300 times. Expect that to click up rapidly…

And now you can check out his website:

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