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August 24, 2011

The MuleBar Girls have a new film out. MuleBar Girl and AnaNichoola founder, Anna Glowinski says:

“The MuleBar Girls teamed up with Liam Murphy Films to make a creative film about riding in their home city. The girls, sponsored by Oakley and AnaNichoola, wanted to produce a lifestyle video to show their world and how cool it is to be a female bike rider, of any discipline. The beautifully shot short film captures the girls love of the sport in all disciplines, their friendship and, of course, their style. This is not a run-of-the-mill film about bike riding, it is a film about bike loving.”

We say: that white kit wouldn’t last two minutes on one of our rides. Nice nail polish, though.



Here’s a film from Drew at Just Roll. It’s a self filmed, edited and ridden video from Dalbeattie.

Calum Darling posted this through the e-letterbox:

I was on holiday… and unfortunately I had a massive stack on my second day and landed on my head and broke my collarbone in two 🙁 however high on drugs I was able to film for 3 days before I came home early. This film is my favourite so far 🙂 its reasonably long (like this email sorry!) but I hope you like it. It follows my friend and a couple of the Whiteroom guys around some of the cool trails they take you to.

It say’s here: “Gettin’ weird on the IMBA Epic, Knarly North Fork Mountain Trail. Finesse on tech 5+ shred sessions and pimped out blue angel flow with Appalachian royalty in the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.” Erm- yesssssss.

Danny Hart! Check 1.38 – we want to corner like that!

From The Albion (Issue 3 out now) A beautiful Bmx video. “Eclat recently visiting the deep south in search of different spots and some good old southern hospitality, they got both.

Featuring Sean Burns, Darryl Tocco, Chester Blacksmith, Ashley Charles, Shane Weston, and introducing IZ.”

Skateboarding Voodoo Lakia Madness…


And finally, here is a video showing some of the highlights of last week’s Gore Bikewear TransWales (powered by Mercedes Vito Sport)

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