Intense’s Hard-Eddie 29er Hardtail

August 26, 2011

We’ve just been sent this ‘two minutes before we’re supposed to go home on a Friday’ teaser from Intense… It’ll be unveiling a carbon 29er hardtail at Eurobike, but sent a few teaser photos to keep you salivating until the show starts next week. (Demo Day is Tuesday, main show starts Wednesday and Singletrack will be there to report on it).

A carbon 29er hardtail? They really are cranking them out, eh? Oh, and we predict that there’ll be a few other companies with ‘surprise’ new carbon models showing next week too. Stay tuned for the skinny…


Carbon Goodness!


We're liking the graphics. Quite a departure for Intense...





Who's first to get that as a tattoo?


Can't wait to see this one in the flesh



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