Fresh Goods Friday!

August 19, 2011

It’s been a busy week at Singletrack Towers, working on issue 68, which obviously is the freshest of the fresh. Here’s a sneak preview of what it’s going to look like.

A sneak of the next magazine cover. Hair, model's own.

Next up are some offset bushings from Burgtec which are destined for Sim’s Orange 5. They offer a degree of slackenage of your head angle and, while they cost £49, they’re cheaper than buying one of those fancy new headsets…


Want to carry a little more on the bike? Try this Tangle Bag from Alaskan seamsters Revelate:

They’re $70 plus shipping and come in three sizes to fit under nearly all top tubes (that don’t have suspension gubbins on them) from the head tube to the seat tube. With zips both sides, there’s room for extra layers, a skinny tent or bivvy or a whole LOAD of Haribo…

And now for something slightly different. This is a Revelate Designs Mountain Feed Bag. It’s the kind of thing that 24 hour racers use to keep snacks in and closely resembles a climber’s chalk bag, only with a low tension strap that goes round the fork crown and stops the bag coming up along with your snacks. It’s $39, also from

And now a few things from Elite for the upcoming ‘cross season, the winter race season, or just to keep you riding once the balmy summer days ease off…

Coming from the Ozone range comes from those Elite folks, who know a thing or two about riding bikes a long way…

The Endurance Protect (chamois) cream is £17.99, the Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion is £16.99 and the Refresh Oil is £13.99. We’ve heard some good things about this lot, so we’re going to slather Chipps in it and prod him off towards the nearest leg-ripper ‘cross race soon.


Grippp Tour FF (Full Finger) gloves come from Hirzl, whose slogan is ‘We believe in glove’ (Hmm, some work needed there we think…)

What doesn’t need more work is their gloves, which come in short or full finger and are made mostly of grippiness. They boast grippy in the dry, and grippier in the wet, treated kangeroo leather (and we’re surprised to find that it’s not Pittards, but some other wonder-leather) which promises to work whatever the weather. Initial tests are good. Prices are:Long Finger £44.99, short finger £34.99

And for an upcoming test we have a smart pair of Hayes Prime brakes… In development for two years and with tools-free reach adjust, free stroke adjust and an optional two piece floating rotor, we’re going to be very interested in getting these out on a bike for test…



Rockshox Domain Forks – they’re not light, they’re made from chunky stuff, wrapped in sturdy, but that’s the reason they’re used on so many dirt-jump bikes, beefy budget downhillers and Chipps’ Cannondale tandem. Now he’s going to be looking for willing volunteers to hang off the back of it…

Grrrr! At least he can send the 'not really meant for that job' Lyriks that are currently on there.
2.9kg. Is that a lot? And no comments about our wallpapered toolboard, OK?

Can you tell this has been a quiet week for product? It’s time to start glueing tyres on to wheels for the upcoming ‘cross season. We reckon that there must be a good couple of dozen Singletrack readers doing the Three Peaks CX this year anyway…

Interestingly, you can't get hold of these tyres or the wheels any more. Wonder why?

Bike Stand.

Price: To you, free!

Where: Outside the Singletrack offices.

Thanks to a several-months-long renovation of the general canal area near the Singletrack offices, there are now flowerbeds and benches and… a couple of bike racks sponsored by us! Hopefully they’ll let people lock bikes up while visiting Todmorden’s famous market, or perhaps seeing Lucky the Dog – which, though probably entirely fabricated, did help Chipps find his lost iPod…

Gore Ultra Light Sealed Cable Systems

Price: TBA


Just when you thought there wasn’t a way to save any more weight on your bike… Traditional cable systems, even flash sealed systems like Gore’s great Ride On System, use steel wrapped outer casings to stop the outers compressing when the gears are shifted. Gore has now come out with a new outer casing which utilises a sort of fibreglass instead of steel cores. The result is that the overall weight is reduced by 40%, the outer is more flexible than steel core systems and the full length liner that comes with it is fully lubricated, which further reduces friction by 20%. There’s a much-reduced Grub Seal to keep the muck out (which won’t now get chewed by rear mechs). It’s compatible with all current mountain bike shifting systems and should be out by the end of the summer. For an absolute top-notch build, it’s going to be a a must-have.

White and light. Won't rust, ever. And Goretex covered inners as standard.

DBAYD Friday

It’s become a bit of a tradition here and, especially at deadline, Drink Beer At Your Desk Friday is now company policy. Perhaps your boss will go for it too…