Eurobike: SRAM’s New X5 Groupset

August 30, 2011

Eurobike: SRAM today officially launched its new X5 groupset, which is good news for those on a budget – and it’s also good news if you run one of it’s swankier X9 or X0 groupsets and wince every time you have to take your bike out in the mud, because you’ll be able to get X5 cassettes for a fraction of the cost and use them all winter long without fear of financial ruin…

X5 cassette: Still pretty light and hollow, only not hand-hewn from precious things and less likely to make you cry in the mud.

Anyway, back to the main story: SRAM’s X5 group now comes in 2×10 and includes ‘all the ratios’ that the other, higher up groups have: namely, 26×39, 28×42 and the newly introduced 24×38 and 22×36, all with an 11-36T cassette out back.

Basic, but pretty low profile and workmanlike

Rear mech and cassette from the front. Well, the side...

SRAM X5 front double 2x10 chainset and one of the many front mechs.

There will be the usual bike-mechanic-confusing range of front mechs (something like 47 different versions last time we looked) and some good-feeling, solid shifters.

Expect to see X5 coming out late this autumn, so October/November time. No prices as yet, but we can confidently say ‘a lot less than XX’

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