Trek World 2012: Superfly 100, Rumblefish and more.

July 22, 2011

Here’s some more from Trek World in the lovely Austrian town of Mayrhofen…

A murder, gaggle or school of bike journos?
Where's the popcorn?


Big (wheeled) and bouncy.

With 120mm of DRCV-controlled travel front and rear, the 2012 Rumblefish aims to convert existing 26” wheel riders to 29” wheels, as well as provide an upgrade for those already on the wagon. Although Trek make the 140mm Roscoe for the US market, they feel that might be a step too far for the 29”-ambivalent UK market so are starting smaller with the Rumblefish.

It’s available with two spec levels, Elite and Pro, which share the same aluminium frame and have DRCV front and rear. Wheel packages have been beefed up a little with 142x12mm bolt-through axles, and oversized hub flanges & end caps to increase contact, reportedly making them stiffer. Again, production versions won’t be here til autumn but the Superfly 100 we rode was lots of fun, if noticeably (and probably unsurprisingly, as it’s an out-and-out XC race bike, not a trail bike) more waggly through Austrian rock gardens than the Fuel we’d been riding beforehand. Hopefully the Rumblefish will match the good bits of this with better trail-munching ability.


Hey, good looking.
(Spaghetti) Carbon Armour.
Carbon swing link means less weight and more bling.
Short headtube allows a normal handlebar height.
Fat BB.
We need bikes. Lots of bikes.

Other bikes and bits

Ross Schnell's custom Remedy with snakeskin graphics. Nice.
Give us a lift?
ChrisG contemplates the cold beer waiting for her at the bar…
…whilst Gary settles for a good old cup of tea.
Trek's Michael Browne won the prize for highest and longest on the wall ride.

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