Fox Racing Shox’ World Cup Truck Stolen!

by Chipps 21

And you think you’ve had a bad day? How about this?

The entire FOX RACING SHOX RACE Trailer and FORD F550 Truck was stolen late Monday night (27th June), en route to the UCI World Cup event in Mount Sainte Anne, Canada. 

The truck cab is a white FORD F550 Turbo Diesel with beige interior, CA Lisc #.  There are many distinguishing features with this cab such as all FORD logos have been converted to FOX logos, FOX custom embroidered seats, FOX instrument cluster and custom FOX footwells. 

Has a bloke in a pub tried to sell you one of these?

The trailer is a 28ft FEATHERLIGHT flip down door.  The trailer contained custom proprietary racing equipment as well as two YETI bicycles, a medium ASR-5, and medium ARC hardtail.  A reward is being offered for any information that leads to the return of the vehicle.  The Race Rig was last seen at 6/28/11 at 4:30am traveling West on Hwy 20 just outside of Montreal.

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  1. I’ll have a look for it round Oldham on the way home from the office.

  2. Surely some eco warriors must’ve done it 😀

  3. hairychested – you mean the fox liberation front?

  4. it’ll already be on a cargo ship to russia!

  5. I can lend them my Zafira if they need something to carry four bikes around in…

  6. Not that I’d condone thieving, but that is one impressive steal!!

  7. If the police can’t find this, then there really is no hope!

  8. Lets hope the thieves don’t out-fox the coppers on this one!

  9. “The Race Rig was last seen at 6/28/11 at 4:30am traveling West on Hwy 20 just outside of Montreal.”

    So not ‘last seen parked in a motel on Hwy 20’. Surely if it was stolen whilst on the move, there’s a driver missing and we should be looking for aliens… Or hijackers.

  10. If you see a bear with an HGV license, 6” full susser and a monogrammed FOX mechanic’s shirt call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

  11. PMSL at this story… I don’t know whether to be more amazed at the stupidity or audacity of the thieves… I mean, how the hell do you hide something like this!?

  12. Hmm,if only there was something more distinctive about it?

  13. It’s a big rig, but Canada is a ‘king big place to hide it in!

  14. reckon it’ll turn up on eBay,
    “I brough this trUck & trailer, but never got into wrold Cup RaciNg and mY missUs is preggers wuv r forth baby, gOt to seal it too pay fir the new bAby, advertiZed local to”

  15. it’ll want servicing in 15 hours, so maybe a garage’ll report it soon?

  16. I see SRAM have a new truck, hmmmm…

  17. I do hope some BMX’er have had it away. Ten four good bubby’s.

  18. Unpeel the vinyl livery and it looks like any other F550 / 5th Wheel trailer rig. They use them as local runabouts out there.

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