New Shimano XT Launches

April 15, 2011

Yep, there’s a new XT groupset out and, quite frankly, we’re not sure why you’d want to go for XTR now – especially because the brakes look very similar and share that same great one-finger power of the XTR groupset.

Deore XT is officially 30 years this year and this new groupset seems to do all that history proud. There are many nods to new XTR and includes a trail oriented 2X10 crank with a 38-26T chain ring set as well as a
more XC oriented 40-28T combination. Cassette options are: 11-36T, 11-34T, 11-32T.

Also in silver


Comes in black and silver too.

There’s a double and a triple option. There’s only one brakeset though – which is the ServoWave brake system with the finned brake pads. All great for one finger breaking.

Advanced light action shifting with the RapidfirePlus shifter requires the same amount of force to shift between the two largest sprockets as it takes to shift in between the two smallest, so it doesn’t get stiffer the higher up the cassette you get. Shimano’s Instant, Multi- and 2-Way Release technology are all integrated into the latest generation shifter as well as a mode converter that allows the left hand unit to be used with both double and triple cranks.

Not part of new XT, but launched today too. The new Shadow Plus XTR derailleur with its one way clutch that really stiffens up the chain, removing much of the chain slap and drop.


The new compact caliper with oversized 22mm ceramic pistons is combined with a lightweight lever for a brake that is lighter than the current version, yet provides more brake power. DEORE XT Ice-Tech rotors (160, 180 and 203mm) have a three layer sandwich structure of an aluminum core embedded in stainless steel. The higher heat dissipation of the aluminum helps to reduce the surface temperature of the rotor by
around 100 degrees Celsius. Optional Ice Tech brake pads with aluminum cooling fins can reduce the brake pad surface by another 50 degrees. The result is high stopping power and practically no signs of fading. As well as Center Lock rotor mount, there’s also 6-bolt too.


Fancy some XT? It’ll be out in June…

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