Ibis Launches New Bike – Mojo SL-R

April 14, 2011

As of… about two minutes ago, Ibis Cycles launched a new bike at the Sea Otter. Contrary to popular chatter, it wasn’t a 29er (though, yes, they’re working on one…) but instead it’s the Mojo SL-R. This is a fully up to date and pared-down new Mojo – still with the same trademark shape, but lighter and stiffer and using many modern technical innovations that have appeared since they launched the original Mojo in 2005.

Ibis' huge warehouse and offices

And yes, they are working on a 29er or two, but that’s not going to be out for a while… In the meantime…

Your host: Scot Nicol

In brief (because we’ve got a ton of new stuff to show you this week… oh, and some sleep would be nice):

There’s a new Mojo. The Mojo SL-R. It’s lighter, stiff and embraces most of the frame innovations from the last few years since the Mojo launched back in 2005.

    It’s light: 22.5lbs for an XTR model. Frame and shock around 5lbs
    It features a new tapered headtube (still 69°, though more on that in a minute)
    It features a BB92 press-fit bottom bracket and postmount rear brake
    There’s cable routing for dropper posts, you can fit the Mojo HD’s rock guard to the downtube
    There’s now a bolt-on front mech mount
    It features a Rockshox Maxle rear end, with swish new dropouts
Say, is that a new XT caliper? With finned pads? Hmm...


Press fit BB - and note the rock guard bolted to the downtube. Are those new XT cranks?


We’ll feature more from Fox too during this week – but basically, they’re Kashima coating their premium rear shocks to cut stiction – and it works really well too.

Even fork push-rods will get some of this slippery coating to reduce friction.


Tapered headtube. Cane Creek has just announced a new Angleset that works for tapered steerers.


Bolt on front mech now allows smaller front rings, or for bolt-on XC chain guides.


That gold lever is very important. This puts a one way clutch on the spring up on the pulley cage so that it doesn't get pulled forward when going over bumps and this is really effective at keeping up the chain tension.


New Maxle. The black hole above it for bolting in the mech hanger.


Dropper post routing. Colours will be orange, black/blue, silver and white


Scott gazes adoringly at his new creation

Reckon you have to have one? Go to Ibis’ website now – www.ibiscycles.com and for the next week (til the 21st) they’re selling cheapo raffle tickets to win the first production one of these off the line. All the proceeds go to building more great trails in Downieville and  other Sierra towns in northern California

You can win one in a raffle this week.


An early Ibis from the early 80s


Enrico from Finale, Italy, is standing on a bare frame to show how strong it is. Would you do this with your bike?


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