Shimano’s New CX70 Cyclocross Groupset

March 1, 2011

Nope, no disc brakes (that we know of yet…) but Shimano has been listening to the growing numbers of cyclocross racers and come out with a specific set of Ultegra-level component: the CX70 group (does anyone else think it sounds like a new Volvo?). There’s also a CX50 level with a slightly lower level of finish, which is 105 level.

The biggest differences between ‘normal’ road stuff and CX stuff are the brakes, which are cantilever rather than caliper, and the cranks, which usually have smaller gears with a smaller jump between the chainrings.
Shimano has come out with CX70 versions of both, along with ring-specific front derailleurs. Everything else (rear derailleur and shifters and cassette, you can pick from the existing Ultegra range.




Looking smart and shiny, and forged rather than machined, the CX50 and CX70 brakes feel very solid on the bike, with little or no judder that we could feel on our secret go on them last month.

CX50 brakes. Both feature the rather odd looking extending tubes (with angled washers at the pad for toe-in)


The much smarter looking CX70 in Ultegra grey - this time with replaceable brake pads, rather than one piece jobs.



The chainsets feature a smaller, closer-geared 46/36T combination for better off-road capability (especially when paired with an 11-27 cassette)

The CX50 (105 level) chainset, with a 46/36 combo.


Also in silver (and again 46/36)


The CX70 chainset, which comes in black, rather than the grey of the brakes - we'll check on that one for you...We assume it comes in grey too.


And there are some front mechs too…

When will all this hit the shops? Well, we don’t have a date yet, but expect it to be in time for ‘cross season. As for hydraulic STI disc brakes and levers? We’ll have to wait until 2013 for them then… We hope so, anyway. Shimano is saying nothing at all on the matter…


Yep, it’s a front mech – but built for the smaller 46T outer ring. Bottom pull


Braze-on fitting front mech


And a braze-on, top pull mech. Who said road stuff was simple?


And finally, a clamp-on top pull...


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