Set2Rise becomes with Erlestoke Twelve

March 10, 2011

It’s not Set2Rise – it’s now the Erlestoke Twelve and the 12 hour endurance event will be taking place on Bank Holiday weekend, 28th May 2011 on Salisbury Plain. Organisers SPAMbiking have made some other tweaks to the format apart from the new name –  it’s changing from an overnight race to a Midday to Midnight race.

erlestoke twelve bike race
Set2Rise is now the Erlestoke Twelve - or SPAMSPAM...

“We struggled for a new name; we liked SPAM SPAM (Start Pedalling At Midday, Stop Pedalling At Midnight) but have settled for the more sensible ‘Erlestoke Twelve’.”

They say they’ve kept the good bits like the course which will include even more roller-coaster, grintastic singletrack in Erlestoke Woods, you can still team up with your mates or solo for 12 hours and get some night-riding in. For anyone who’s scared of the dark, or gets knackered after 6 hours, there’s the option to race for 6 hours from Midday til 6pm.

Race categories will be Solo – £30, Pair – £55, Team (up to 4 riders) – £100 for the 12-hour race and Solo – £25, Pair – £50 and Team – £80 for the 6 hour race.

Camping will be available from Friday night, although there will be just loos and water until the race village will spring into life on Saturday, creating the usual great atmosphere where you can get catering from Luffy’s Bus (The Drop Off Cafe), there will be lights to hire or buy plus charging facilities, demo bikes, kit to buy, emergency bike fettling and official timing to determine who will get the great prizes after the midnight finish.

Information and on line entries are available at

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