New 2012 Shimano: Deore and SLX

March 1, 2011

It seems that the smart black and silver look first seen on XTR is catching… Shimano today has announced the new versions of its Deore and SLX groups – and both are looking very smart, as well as gaining some of the features only seen on the top-end group so far, such as the neat brake levers and Servo-Wave braking. And, needless to say, it’s all ten speed around here these days. Even SLX will now benefit from Shimano’s IceTech braking system. And just wait until you see the pedals!


Shimano introduced a wide range of 3 X 10 mountain bike components at XTR,  XT and SLX level in 2010 under the Dyna-Sys label. This year Deore will be upgraded with a Dyna-Sys drivetrain as well, featuring a 42-32-24T crankset, 11-34T/36T cassette sprockets and a mountain bike specific 10-speed directional HG-X chain (CN-HG54). A compatible rear derailleur and Rapidfire Plus shift lever will also be available, though they’re unchanged for next year. Now… Shimano presents the Deore Servo Wave disc brake BR/BL-M596 that can be used with the current rotors SM-RT64. These new stoppers feature an excellent modulation and easy maintenance due to Shimano’s one way bleeding system.

Even the lower level groups get a decent look, hinged clamp and redesigned reservoir with one way bleeding.
It's a Deore shifter - but now it's ten speed...


It may be Deore, but it's pretty swish for the bottom end MTB group.


Shadow design and Shimano's Robocop styling.


We're glad that people read this far, as it makes writing the captions seem worthwhile.


I mean... it's sunny out and we could be out riding bikes...


Dynasys chainset with 24T inner


No finned brake pads for Deore, sorry!



Neat hinged clamp too. Did we already mention that?


Shimano SLX is updated with a Servo Wave disc brake with Ice Technologies: BR/BL-M666. Ice Technologies brake pads and rotors significantly reduce heat buildup in the disc brake system, which prevents fading and assures a consistently high braking performance even on long downhill stretches. The new SM-RT67 Center Lock rotors will be available in 160, 180 and 203mm. These disc brakes feature a tool-less reach adjust and easy maintenance due to Shimano’s one way bleeding system.

You can see the family resemblance with Deore (above) but there's also a tools-free reach adjust.


We think we prefer the look of Deore, to be honest...


Yay for finned brake pads! The IceTech technology is a combo of finned pads and steel/aluminium/steel sandwich rotors to keep temperatures down and power up.


SLX goes IceTech


Wheel set and pedals
Shimano introduces a new medium range mountain bike wheel set WH-MT55. It features disc brake only compatible clincher rims with Center Lock rotor mount. Besides the quick release version there will be an optional 15mm E-thru front wheel as well (WH-MT55-F15). This wheel set has been developed with 24 straight pull spokes and it will become available with black and white rims. Weight: 1920g/set. The current wheel set WH-MT15 is redesigned with a choice in between white and black rims.

It's hard to get too excited about a wheel - and these do look very un-Shimano, don't they?


Often overlooked - Shimano's incredibly great quick releases. Nothing still comes close.


Trying a different look in black...


“Shimano presents an affordable trail pedal PD-M530 with a stable platform and integrated pedal cage. Available in white and black. Weight: 456g/pair.”

White isn't going to last long on the trail, but it's going to look great in the shops.

These pedals are the same design as the new XTR ‘trail’ pedal and only about 20g heavier. And starting from the £30-ish mark, we reckon they’re going to be a real winner this year for riders who love clipless, but want a little more security, or unclipped purchase…

Shimano is going to have to go some to persuade us that XTR is worth an extra £100 over this.


And here’s when you’ll be starting to see it…
DEORE: June 2011
SLX disc brakes: June 2011
WH-MT55: July 2011
WH-MT15: April 2011
PD-M530: May 2011

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