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March 1, 2011

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Ragley Bagger 288

ragley bikes 2011
Ragley Bagger 288

Named after a bonkers German mining machine – the largest land vehicle in the world – the Bagger 288 uses the same geometry and sizing as the Troof but with a steel tubeset for anyone who wants to keep it real.

ragley bikes 2011
Externally butted steel Fat Head Tubing will probably outlast the rider

We have absolutely no idea why  Brant named it the Bagger 288. It’s also got all the neat features such as the Swopouts, investment cast three finger bridge, 44mm headtube and should make a hardtail so hardcore it’d make the internet blush.

ragley bikes 2011
DMR Swopouts and a great big Maxle will make it harder to tear out your rear wheel

Getting your hands on a Bagger will set you back £349.99 – exactly the same amount as the alu Troof. Decisions, decisions.

Blue Pig X

ragley bikes 2011
The Ragley Blue Pig X - in True Temper OX Platinum steel

The Blue Pig X uses the same geometry as the frame that kicked off the Ragley brand but with a brand new True Temper OX Platinum tubeset – one that uses Ragley’s Fathead externally butted designed. These tubes do the magic getting-stronger-when-welded thing and the extra strength has meant thinner tubes can be used to save a touch of weight and give a bit more compliance.

ragley bikes 2011
Thinner tubes give lower weight and improved ride

It’s available in this lovely Taiwan Racing Green or the old Mmmbop Blue and there are options for a standard QR rear end or one that uses Swopouts – pleasingly at no extra cost. Frames will cost £399.99 and are available from 14in all the way up to 20in in two inch increments, with a 17inch frame for medium to large size waverers.

ragley bikes 2011
CEN tested. Seen.

That paint really is rather nice – cable guides are all bolt on items now too, which should keep it neat as we’ve never seen Racing Green zipties. Price for the Blue Pig X will be £399.99.

Ragley Spike Seatpost

ragley bikes 2011
Ragley Spike seatpost - spiral height ruler is rather groovy.

Moving on from bike frames and into the ever growing component selection Ragley have to offer, there is this rather neat idea for a seatpost – height numbers set in a spiral around the post so you can have fighting chance of seeing how high you saddle is from any angle.

Post shaft is made from 7075 T6 aluminium and has a micro adjust clamp with 25mm of offset. They’re available in a 400mm length in your pick of 27.2/27.3/30.9/31.6mm diameters. Claimed weight for the 31.6mm is 268g and they’ll cost £29.99.

Ragley Bars

ragley bikes 2011
The full range of Ragley bars, from MTB drops to wide risers...

Despite their hardcore hardtails, Ragley still make some of the odder stuff – namely the Carnegie Bars with 25° of sweep. They’re now in carbon fibre, using a Toray T-700 core with a dual wrap of knock and scratch resistant Kevlar on the outside.

ragley bikes 2011
Wiser Risers come in alloy or carbon and have a nice 720mm width

The less freaky 720mm wide Ragley Wiser riser bars also come in carbon fibre, using the same Toray core with Kevlar protection. Magic numbers are eight degrees of backsweep and five degrees up. Weight for both bars is said to be sub 200g and they come in 25 and 35mm rises. Price will be £99.99 but the alloy versions are a very keenly priced £39.99.

What’s next…

What's that under there?

Ragley have some interesting things to come soon – think full suspension, mismatched travel and – shock horror – big wheeled full sussers. The quick peek we had all looked rather exciting…

We’ll have more from the show shortly, including more Ti niceness from Lynskey, some new Nukeproof, NC-17 bikes and for the hipsters a load of smart looking urban bikes from Creme.

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