Singletrack Issue 64 – Ten Years of Singletrack

February 25, 2011

It’s a been a long time in the making – ten whole years to be precise – but Issue 64 of Singletrack Magazine has been finished and has wriggled down the internet tubes to the printers. Before they’re printed and subscribers and digital users get their mags, here’s a preview of the rather special gatefold cover and contents to whet your appetites…

singletrack magazine issue 64 (1)
The clean subscriber cover. Climbing out of Todmorden, shot by Sim.
singletrack magazine issue 64 (2)
The shop cover...
singletrack magazine issue 64 (3)
The lush Yorkshire Dales. Contents shot by Russell Burton

11. Editorial

Chipps welcomes you to this ten-year anniversary issue of Singletrack.

12. Ten Years of Singletrack

What a long, strange ride it’s been. Some thoughts and pictures from a decade of ‘making it up as we go along’.

18. Alpine Dirtbags

Dave Martin and pal take on a summer in the Swiss Alps with minimal budget and maximum saddle time.

30. Blame the Dog

Mike Ferrentino tries to justify his bike buying and riding habit to the tax inspector.

34. Subscribe to Singletrack

We’re writing the mag evenings and weekends so that you can read it in yours.

37. Bike Test: 120mm trail bikes.

Mondraker, Orange and Yeti 120mm trail bikes are taken to mid-Wales on an epic bike test adventure.

48. Competition: Win a custom-colour Orange P7!

You get to pick your winning frame colour and then get to ride it in Calderdale for the day with the Singletrack staff as your guides.

51. 2001 vs 2011.

Just how much have bikes improved in the last ten years? Probably not as much as the riders have, reckons Benji Haworth.

60. Through the Grinder.

More real products tested through the depths of a Northern winter.

72. Interview: Mark and Chipps from Singletrack.

After ten years, we figured we’d better find out more about the shadowy figures who started it.

80. Gallery: Red Rock and Blue Skies.

Justa Jeskova’s beautiful photo essay on the desert southwest of the USA. Get dreaming now.

91. Grouptest: Uppy Downy Posts

Seven adjustable height seatposts tested. They’ll revolutionise the way you ride.

98. Motivation! A simple how-to…

Beat others, don’t beat yourself up reckons sports psychologist Claire McGreevy.

102. Access All Areas.

Just because the forest sell-off is being reconsidered, it doesn’t mean you can get complacent, so reckons the Cyclist Touring Club.

106. Fitness First.

To be fit in the summer, means you have to put the miles, and the dark hours, in in the spring. Here’s Matt Hart’s top tips for pounding out the dark miles.

110. Route Guide: East Lancashire

It’s no longer the barren wasteland of riding that it used to be. Here are three different riding areas to explore.

124. Propaganda.

Check out some of the great new Singletrack products we have for 2011!

126. Outro.

A big thankyou to all of the many hidden folk who’ve helped us out over the last decade.

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