Red Kite Easter Bash

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Tony from Green Events has sent us news of the Red Kite Easter Bash, a non competitive mountain bike event taking place on the 26th and 27th March 2011 in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales. They’re celebrating over 25 years of mountain biking in the smallest town in the UK – one famous for hosting events as diverse and bonkers as the Real Ale Wobble, World MTB Chariot Racing Championships, and of course the World MTB Bog Snorkelling Championships. More details below:

“The Crychan forest contains a wide range of routes for our first Easter event. Just right for that first big ride of the year. Some steep stuff every now and again, to mix it up and keep you on your toes. Various route lengths have been set, so you can make the route as long, short or as hard as you please. There will be short, medium and long (43km) and to make them even longer, why not do them twice?

There will be a mixture of man-made and natural trails with steep uphills to test your resolve and determination, long sweeping downhills with easy gradients to whizz along on and steep bed rock paths that descend and wind through forest covered hillsides to idyllic stream settings. The trees often give way to open views, far reaching to the Epynt and the distant mountains of Mid Wales.

Once registered you may start the event from 9am on Saturday. The start will remain open till approximately 10am. The course is fully marked, event marshals will be on hand at tricky spots to point your way. There will be feed stations around the course, these will act as checkpoints to monitor your progress as well as having food and water.

At around 2pm the marshals will close the second loop of the long course and the event participants will need to return to the start finish to check in before 5pm.

For the Sunday, we turn the course on its head and do all the good bits the other way round. Those tortuously steep up hills are now massively wicked, long down hills. The event will take in some of the best riding in this part of the country…

Entry will cost £35 for both days, £22 for Saturday or £16 for Sunday.

For more information or to enter, go to the Green Dragon Activities website HERE.

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  1. 26th and 27th March 2011 is almost a month before Easter.

  2. Chris – Nope, different event. Strangely enough we’re there now having a bit of a preview of that, along with doing a feature/bike test…

  3. Yes, This is an event, run by Green Dragon Activities Ltd in association with Green Events. The Red Kite Bash started 21 years ago in Llanwrtyd Wells by Gordon Green and Green Events Ltd. Last year we ran the event for Green Events when their other event organiser was unable to.

    This year to celebrate 25 years since the first mountain bike race in the Man v Horse race held here each year. We have a series of new events for mountain bikers of the Country.

    Other well known Green Event Mtb favourites like the Real ale Wobble, Mtb Bog Snorkelling World Championships, Red Kite Bash and the World MTB Chariot Racing Championships.

  4. strange i thought easter was a month later , have you seen the vid on the website pretty sure the guy was holding a phone cam

  5. we ran the event for green events when their other event organiser was unable to , thats a strange statement to make i was there pretty sure the local bike club ran it .

  6. are not related to green dragon activities or green events. we are running a genuine event. however, the person behind green dragon activities in my opinion seems determined to drag us and green events into conflict.

    our event is now open so please visit our website.

  7. hi jon, thanks for coming down this week. hope you enjoyed the riding, and food

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