Nigel Page has seven bikes stolen

February 28, 2011

We’ve just been told that thieves broke into Team ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof manager Nigel Page’s garage in Liverpool on Saturday night and stole seven mountain bikes, although one has already been recovered. We really feel for Nigel and his family as it’s got shades of the break in we suffered and it’s not a nice feeling. Here’s what Nigel had to say…

“Thieves broke into my garage on Saturday night and stole seven mountain bikes. My garage is joined to the house and I have recently bought an expensive electric garage door with an alarm fitted to the control box. These people know how to get around stuff and got in and cleaned out my garage.”

“We were in bed and didn’t hear a thing. This has happened to me twice in less than three years now in two different houses. I am, as you would expect, pretty ticked off! The police come around with their usual paperwork, file it and then that’s it!”

“They told me these thieves get a court hearing and a £100 fine – great deterrent from doing it again! I guess it doesn’t help having a logo’d up race van outside your house but what can you do? I am going to have to invest in a lot more locks and security for the future. My girlfriend is now scared all night in bed and when I have to be away from home with work, this type of thing just makes life harder for your family. These people don’t care about that stuff though.”

We would urge you to contact the police or Chain Reaction Cycles directly ( with subject line “Stolen bikes”) if you have any information about the theft.

The bikes stolen were:

Black Nukeproof Snap


stolen bikes (1)
Nukeproof Snap

Blue Ragley Mmmbop


stolen bikes (2)
Ragley Mmmbop

Raw finish Nukeproof Mega


stolen bikes (3)
Nukeproof Mega

Black Intense SS2 (with Easton seatpost, not adjustable post as in pic)


stolen bikes (4)
Intense SS

Raw finish Black Market Riot with gears (same colour frame as in pic but with gears, white Manitou fork and black wheels)


stolen bikes (5)
Black Market Riot


Grey Planet X small hardtail with blue Hope brakes and Mavic Crossmax wheels

“Please keep your eye out for the bikes especially in the Liverpool/Kirkby area at the moment, as I spotted my blue Scalp yesterday and got it back. Just a crazy bit of luck, but they are all out there somewhere…”

We wish Nigel good luck in finding the bikes and getting life back to normal. Keep you eyes peeled…

Remember kids, stolen bikes get sold somewhere – and if you buy stolen gear then you’re personally responsible for the demand.

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