Exclusive: Charge Cooker 29er UPDATED

February 15, 2011

Nick Larsen from Charge Bikes has just dropped by the office to show us a very new addition to the Charge bikes family – yup, it’s their very first big wheeled bike and it’s called the Cooker. Don’t start ringing up the shops just yet though, this is a 2012 development bike and is unlikely to be in the shops anytime before next year.

Tange Prestige tubing is double butted....

Made from a custom Tange Prestige double butted tubeset, Nick has spent plenty of time tweaking and testing the geometry to get it riding how he likes.

...and here's the front suspension bike. Picture not taken in Todmorden.

In fact, after originally being unsure of the 29er concept he’s now become a big fan of the way larger wheels work, so much so that his 26″ wheeled Duster is now gathering dust.

Long rigid forks are corrected for up to 120mm travel so later upgrades are possible...

This frame pictured here doesn’t have final geometry but the finished frame is going to have a 71° head angle, corrected for the length of 100-120mm suspension forks. Seat angle is a bit slacker than most 29ers out there and the final production bikes will probably be a bit longer in the top tube than seen here. Nick’s been aiming to make the Cooker handle just like a 26″ wheeled bike and is pleased with the results so far.

The Cooker is a looker...

The Cooker is going to be available either with a rigid fork build for around £699 or with Rock Shox suspension forks for around £1,000.

Tidy graphics as always...

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