Cotic offering a spring steal

February 1, 2011

Cy from Cotic is getting a bit excited about spring being round the corner and he’s got a little something that’ll bring a smile to the face of steel hardtail fans…

“The days are getting a little longer and you’ll be starting to think about something nice to ride in the Spring. Something to push your riding enjoyment up a peg.

All beef and no fat...

Now is the time to get that new bike built, and can we humbly suggest that you can’t go far wrong by putting our tough all-round trail riding frame, the BFe, at its heart.

Built to take – and ride brilliantly with – anything from a 100mm to a 160mm travel fork, it’s as happy zipping between the trees as it is flattening rocks or railing a trail centre.

So, to the point: To help you avoid rush building up your new bike later in the year when you should be enjoying the spring trails and brighter days, we’re having a one month promotion in February on the BFe frame.

The price?

£300, including UK mainland delivery, only direct from Cotic.

That’s 20% off; saving £75 on our usual price. All sizes, all colours, in stock, ready to go. February direct sales only. Act now…

Call to order now on 07970 853531,
or go to


We can’t say whether his last claim is entirely true, but it’s got to be worth a punt…

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