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January 12, 2011

Here’s some video fresh from the internet tubes to keep you distracted this afternoon. First up we’ve got Rowan Sorrell, trail builder, Welshman and rider extraordinaire, who’s off to take part in the Urge Cabo Verde. The invitational event is organised by Fabien Barel to support good causes and after Nepal last year it’s off to the island archipelago of Cabo Verde for some all mountain enduro racing this year. Rowan’s been invited but, in the first episode of this series, it looks like he’s been following our training plan of crisps, value lager and Jeremy Kyle on the sofa – it’s time to get fit, Rocky style.

This video will be very useful at the moment. Lars Sternberg from Transition Bikes shows how to ride like a pro in the wet, including the magic art of pinning it over roots without smashing your face in.

The boys from This Is Sheffield unearthed a bit old footage from a trip to the Alps last year to get this buzzing little edit together. Wasn’t summer awesome? Hibernation over the winter months seems more like a good idea each year.

Midweek Movies wouldn’t be the same without some sort of truly hideous case, so here we have it. It’s a massive but brave fail with a BMXer trying a big old gap outside a church. God did not smile down on it. Lots of whooping, a nice tyre explosion and a few choice words on this one.

Racer Bex Reilly sent this short teaser for her video about two of Scotland’s finest female racers, namely herself (Elite downhill) and Katy Winton (Olympic hopeful cross country)…

Ahh, the Trans Provence. That was another race held in glorious, glorious summertime. Here’s some video from organiser Ash from one of the many scouting trips it took to organise the epic race. It’s happening again this year and it’ll be bigger and better, so keep your eyes peeled for news soon…

The Glasgow BIke Shed is an organisation run by volunteers to recycle bikes and promote safe cycling. This vid gives little insight into the valuable work they do and also has a girl with dreads riding a fixie, which will make many of you hipsters very happy.

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The lovely people that made Pretty Sweet have put down their video cameras and have been shooting lots of stills over the past few months. Cunningly they’re cornered both markets by making with video with still images moving along with music. It’s all very pretty. They’ve also made rumbling noises about dusting off the video cameras for Pretty Sweet 2, more news when we have it…

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Red Bull do ‘imagineer’ some bonkers events. Take this for example, build a tiny velodrome and get top fixed gear riders to race round it. The snap out of the corners is so fast it hurts. If you’d like to check it out, it’s coming to York Hall in London this Saturday…

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