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November 3, 2010

We’ll kick this week off with a bit of serious penalty-for-failure riding. Eric Porter and Chris Van Dine have been riding up in the wilds of Alaska and while they were there they took some helmet cam footage of a trail called “No Room For Error”. We don’t have any questions about the name after seeing the video…

Italian snapper Marco Toniolo has been exploring and has made this little riding video-cum-documentary about the tiny village of Monteviasco in Italy. Split down the middle during the Second World War by the Swiss/Italian border that passed through it, the village clings to a hillside and was accessible only by a steep mountain path until a gondola was installed. Perfect for riding then…

Boris Johnson has been out having a rip around London on a Boris Bike. We always thought he was a bit lacking in skills on a bike but turns out we’re wrong, he just hides his light under a bushel of ineptitude, much as his slightly flustered upper class persona hides the cat stroking evil madness that must surely lie beneath.


It’s the best bits of the Dudes of Hazzard! It’s the final countdown of the last 12 months, including a guest appearance by Jesus, who kept the whole second coming thing quiet and works instead for Hotlines. Funny old world isn’t it?

This is a lovely edit shot by Hannah of Maia Media at Wharncliffe Woods in Sheffield. The tight editing, nice shots and mellow music makes us feel all warm inside…


The simple joy of getting a new bike is a wonderful thing. It’s like all your childhood Christmas and birthday presents put together – and the bank is bound to understand why you can’t pay the mortgage this month. More to the point you’ll never find out if they do care because you’ll be out riding your new toy. Here’s Luke Ireland on his brand spanking 2011 Orange Alpine 160, shot by James Doherty…

Awww! We’ll finish on Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog. Poor little fella, it was probably an awesome dream…

If you’ve seen or made any nice moving picture tube things on the internet then send them to us at newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll stick it up here next week. Unless it contains got a monkey using a frog’s mouth in unspeakable ways, obviously.

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