Fresh Goods Friday

October 8, 2010

It’s been a quiet week here at Singletrack Towers – partly because everyone’s at the Cycle Show (where we should be too actually!) and partly because half of us are beavering away finishing the next issue of the magazine. There’s still (always) plenty of fun stuff to play with though.

We’ve just had some Gore Bike Wear clothing in for the winter months. The first is a Windstopper insulated jacket – which makes a great spectating jacket and, though it has three rear cycling pockets, we can’t see many people ever wearing it to ride in – it’s just too scorchio! Thin-blooded people only.

Dave is one hot geezer...
Designed to keep your hands warm but still let you operate fiddly things with your gloves on.

A saddle called Knife, that’s a bit worrying isn’t it? The Charge Spoon saddle has been pleasing bottoms in the office for a while now so we’re hoping that the Charge Knife will do similar. It’s aimed at XC and road fans and alights on the scales at 214g with its hollow Ti rails. Also available in ‘for one ride only’ white.

Price: £49.99
From: Charge

It’s sometimes easy to forget how good a product is thanks to its ubiquity. A good example is the the Fox Float RP23. It appears on all manner of bikes from 6in AM bikes to 2.5in XC flyweights proving what a good all rounder it is. Buying Fox products also keeps Chris at Mojo in beard and mane products which has to be a good thing.
This one is destined for Sim’s next long term test bike which is due in soon…

Price: £349
From: Mojo

eBay strikes again. Sim’s ‘invested’ in a big bit of glass, a very big bit of glass, for his camera. A Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 means he can now see the entire world laid out through his viewfinder. More likely he’ll be seeing people on bikes in damp, dark woods though…

Price: Best not to think about.
From: Nikon

Exposure lights

We caught up with the enigmatic Rory Hitchens at the Marin Dusk Til Dawn at the weekend. It was a great opportunity for us to get some laps in on the latest Exposure lights, and then to bring them home again where we can try them out for longer on our own trails.

First up is the new Diabolo. Still fitting into the original Joystick mount, it now has three super bright LEDs giving out 900 Lumens on full. Run time is an hour on full, three on medium and 10hrs on low!

All lights now come with handy dandy USB chargers and mains adaptors. Diabolo 2 £200

The Joystick is now apparently in its fifth incarnation – now at 300 Lumens and a running time of 3hrs on high(!), ten on medium and 24hrs on low.

Joystick is available with Exposure's very clever ball and socket helmet mount. Or you can get the cheaper ziptie bar mount, or a QR bar mount. £165 with mount, £145 with no mount at all.

Before the Six Pack appeared, the Maxx-D was the big daddy. It offers a huge 1200Lumens and run times of 3, 10 and 24 hours.

The Maxx-D Mk3. Also pictured is the optional remote bar switch, for when you really can't let go of the grips. £325

Did you enter our competition to win a Genuine Innovations Mountain Pipe mini pump and CO2 dispenser? Well, if your card is here, you could be one of the 20 winners. There were some great picture postcards sent in. Remember, it has to be a picture postcard – one reader missed out by sending in a plain postcard, and another because we couldn’t read his/her writing… We’ll be sending the pumps out in the next fortnight.

Ten of the 20 winning postcards... Not here? You might still be a winner.

Santa Cruz Nickel

Price: £1299 (frame only), £2799 as built


Don’t tell our cleaning lady, but this Santa Cruz Nickel is currently gracing the editorial office while we finish off the final details of issue 61’s bike test.

Usually when we get white bikes in on test, it snows. You have been warned.

Salomon Lace Kit

Most Salomon stockists carry them, or contact Salomon direct.

These are Chipps’ favourite shoes – unfortunately the Kevlar lace broke on one of them – and the laces are sewn into the shoes, which makes replacing them difficult. Luckily to solve such a disaster, Salomon makes a replacement lace kit which cleverly replaces the irreplaceable laces.

Red XT Wings - "even John Tomac thought they were smart"

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