Eurobike: Easton bars, stems and wheels

September 2, 2010

Easton is showing a new level of gear to go with the XC focused Haven components (that it launched at the Sea Otter this spring) If the Haven range of bikes is the ‘trail’ 4-6in range of bikes, then the Havoc is the 5in+ bike range. There’s also some very tasty 29er wheels – with carbon rims versions too! Also for the big wheelers is some wide, flat bars. Anyway, let’s get on with the pics…

The Haven 29er wheel with carbon rim. 1590g a pair and comes in QR, 15mm or 20mm fork versions.
The Easton EA70 range of wheels. 26in and 29in and comes in QR/15mm front and three rears (QR, Maxle and the 'other' 12mm standard)
EA70 (alloy) and EC70 (carbon) bars. 685mm flat bars for 'wide XC' - 250g in alloy and 150g in carbon.

Havoc stems - stubby and bolt-on versions.
Havoc DH bars. 750mm wide and only 235g for the carbon version! See that orange bar? Apparently Easton haven't heard of Irn Bru, but it's a great match.
That Irn Bru colour again, this time on the new Havoc all mountain wheel. Comes in 20mm front only and QR and the two 12mm rear standards. Comes in Irn Bru or Grey, features a 23mm inner diameter and comes in at 1750g a pair.

Giro's designers are fed only on hundreds and thousands and then set to work on new helmet graphics.
The long sock debate. Dirt jumpers won't wear anything else. Road riders seem very split on this new trend... There are short versions available too.

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