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July 29, 2010

Pure, untouched press release from Shimano Europe…
Introduction PRO Tharsis Trail components
A component-series named after the highest mountain-range in the universe (on Mars) must be very special. And that’s exactly what PRO Tharsis is. With this new line of components you will excel in day-consuming journeys up and down mountains. PRO Tharsis is unique because it’s the first hi-end line-up of Trail components made entirely out of carbon. By using special lay-up designs and fiber-types our engineers succeeded in developing extremely strong, durable and lightweight components. These unique components are topped-off with a trendy mat and nude UD carbon structure with a refined artwork and polished alloy details.

PRO Tharsis Stem
Strong & lightweight monocoque carbon trail stem
Reversible stem design (+6/-6) with integrated gap-cap and spacer
Special front-clamp design (with ti-bolts) preventing bolt- and handlebar stress
Diagonal steerer clamp construction
Extensions: 70-100mm
Weight: from 130g.

PRO Tharsis Handlebar
Lightweight and durable trail handlebar
High-tech T800-1000 UD carbon with titanium reinforced center section
Size: 710mm / 20mm rise / 8 backsweep / 4 upsweep, 31,8mm diam.
Weight: 195g.
PRO Tharsis Seatpost
Lightweight trail seatpost with 10mm offset
Hightech T800 UD carbon material with reinforced clamping zone
Incl. clamps for both metal and carbon saddle-rails
Sizes: 27.2, 30.9 and 31,6 x 375mm
Weight: 175g.

PRO Tharsis Grips
Lightweight trail grip with anatomic shape
Tapered design for optimal shifting performance
Internal locking system combined with low profile lock-ring and ti-bolts
Colour: Black or White
Weight: 120g./set

Available some time in October…

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