New, lower prices on Santa Cruz

by Chipps 24

Many people were confused about Santa Cruz’ introduction of the Nickel and Butcher bikes as they seemed to do similar jobs to the Heckler and Superlight. The difference now is that the Superlight and Heckler have gone down in price, leaving a clearer picture of how the whole Santa Cruz line works.

2011 pricing on the ever popular Superlights, Julianas and Hecklers have been reduced significantly from 2010. With frame-only pricing at £899 and complete bikes starting at £1799, they should see plenty of new customers for them. Even if they use relatively ‘old’ suspension technology, they’re simple and pretty bomb-proof.

There are also new graphics and two different colours per model (see attached photos). No more anodised finishes though.

Superlight / Juliana
The Superlight – and women’s Juliana variant – is a simple, fun 100mm travel suspension bike that is best at home on cross country epics, racing and long days in the saddle. The Juliana adds an X-Small size, but is otherwise exactly the same as the Superlight, so a medium Superlight is the same dimensions as a medium Juliana – which we find a little confusing)
Anyway, fine bikes, the pair of them.

• Frame only price £899 (Current 2010 rrp £1149)
• Complete bikes:
D XC kit with Rockshox Recon R SA 120 fork – £1799
R XC with Fox 32 Alps 120 fork – £2399
• Available in Black or Red (Superlight), and White or Seabright Blue (Juliana)
• Standard shock: Fox Float R.
• Fox RP23 upgrade: +£130

“Sharing the same surefooted and fun-loving geometry as the Blur LT and LTc, but with a super-bomber single pivot rear suspension offering 150mm travel, the Heckler recipe remains true: a tough aluminum frame, a solid, efficient suspension and some of the best trail manners our there. Mix together, and go shred some trail. Then go do it again. And again. And again…”
The Heckler has always built into a simple, and surprisingly adaptable machine. We’ve had one under 30lbs for trail riding use, and the same bike built into a 35lb all mountain/jobbing downhill bike.

• Frame only price £899 (Current 2010 rrp £1149)
• Complete bikes:
D AM kit / Sector R SA 150 fork – £1849
R AM / Revelation RL DA 150 fork – £2399
SPX AM / Revelation RL DA 150 fork – £2899
• Available in Black or Lime Green
• Standard shock: Fox Float R.
• Fox RP23 upgrade: +£130

For more info, see your local Santa Cruz dealer,

Comments (24)

  1. The VPP stuff is still ruinous though.

  2. Whats the max fork length on a superlight?

  3. Excellent news. Widens the options for my next bike a bit.

  4. Note that they’re stock with a low end fox shock.

  5. wors – i know someone with 140 Floats on his Superlight and he finds it ok like that. HTH

  6. I’m still no clearer on what the new models are

  7. Not new just cheaper!

  8. Yep, no new models, but they’ve brought the price down on the new model year 2011 single pivot bikes.

  9. i have to say i prefer the Juliana’s blue colour.
    perfect for Jey-xc-ing

  10. The green and blue are very nice colours.

  11. i love the superlight allways fancied can run up to 125mm fork the general concensus is 120mm rides best.i really really want one.

  12. Well, I think it’s great and something we don’t see often enough.
    A Heckler frame for £899 brand new? Well done SC.
    That’s £400 cheaper than an orange 5.

  13. More like £270 cheaper than a 5 frame, given that 5s come with an RP23 shock. Still that’s a much larger gap than it was recently.

  14. I’d take a Heckler over a 5 any day. Especially in that green.

  15. Superlight can only take 160mm rotor, bit surprised obout that.

  16. if it was £899 for a superlight with rp23 I’d probably order one today.

  17. it’s nice they’ve lowered the price, but they’ve done it in the US too – rrp is now $899 for either of them. About time they sorted out the rediculous price differentials between here and there. I could probably get a cheap flight to New York for the difference and take one home in a suitcase.

  18. Which is fine, as long as you don’t get stopped in customs to pay the Duty and VAT… The price difference is from there being a UK importer (who not only brings them in, paying the duty and VAT, and holds stock for the bike shops who don’t want to have them in stock, but who will order one in for you) but who also use many of those bikes to build into test samples, demo fleets and so on.

    It’s the same with everything – jeans, guitars, cameras… (Not that I’ve seen fleets of demo Levis anywhere) 🙂

  19. Had a Heckler for thee years now and cant fault it. Originally had it built up fairly burly at about 30lb but now its down to just under 26lb and it flies. Even used it successfully for solo 24hr events. You’re right though it could do with an RP23 and I wish it had been that price when Bought it

  20. Are the Nickel and Butcher not new then? I’ve only recently seen them in the mags

  21. does the rp23 make much of a difference then?

  22. I had one with the rp23 and never really used it felt it rode much better in the open position (I wished I hadn’t paid the extra)

  23. Chipps, while i agree that there are costs that the importers incur, i still think the price differential takes the p*ss. especially with the superlight and the heckler, both of which are made in taiwan and santa cruz most likely ships direct from there to the uk importer – then the customs charges will be no different to the myriad uk frame designers who outsource manufacture to the far east.

  24. does anyone know how much a superlight in a “R” build will be then

    please be under £2000

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