Video: Singletrack Weekender DH Course

June 22, 2010

We gave you a quick description of the downhill course up at Lee Quarry for the Singletrack Classic Weekender from designer Rowan Sorrell the other day, but some of you wanted more. Ed Oxley of Great Rock and Brant Richards of Ragley Bikes have made this video to show you how the different line options will work come race day on the 3rd and 4th of July. There’s not long to go now, so get your entries in HERE to take part…

Singletrack Classic Weekender DH Course Preview from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

If you’ve pre-booked your Weekender ticket then you’ll be able to come on a free pre-ride of the course with Ed Oxley up at Lee Quarry on Wednesday evenings running up to the event – get in touch with him at to book your place. Rides are on the 23rd and 30th June and start from the parking area at Lee Quarry at 6.30pm, with riding until around 9pm.

The Singletrack Classic Weekender is all about being a good all round biker, so as well as the downhill you’ll need to take part in a ‘classic’ trials competition which will test your bike handling skills without requiring Danny MacAskill-like performances and there’s the cross country race too. To make it more interesting you have to compete in all the events on the same bike too…

For more information on the format or to enter, have a look at our Weekender page HERE.

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