Singletrack Weekender 2010 – Final Details

by Mark Alker 14

The site will be open for camping from 6pm on Friday 2nd July.

You can park in the car park at the bottom of the hill but you can’t take your vehicle into the quarry. There will be a landrover on hand to help with ferrying of camping kit up the hill from this time on Friday.

Only organisers and authorised trade vehicles will be allowed into the quarry.

The lower car park will be patrolled by security guards for the duration of the weekend.

Camping is in the main arena. There will be marshals on hand to guide you away from the areas you can’t pitch your tent. Please be aware that this is a quarry. You will be able to drive pegs in a bit but make sure you bring a decent carry mat or airbed. It’s rocky! Cos it’s a quarry!

There will be toilets and catering in the main arena.

Saturday Schedule

9:00 am Registration opens
10:00 – 12:00pm DH course available for practice and self seeding timing runs
12:00 pm Rider Briefing at registration in the main arena
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Trials Session
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm DH timed runs
7:00 pm onwards – “entertainment” and half time prizes.


9:30 am – Marshal briefing
10:00 am – Open practice on XC course
12:00 pm – XC race start
2:30 pm – Prize giving

A note on the DH self seeding procedure.

During the practice session on the Saturday morning the timing system will be running which will enable you to get a reasonable estimate of your DH run time. We need you to record for yourself your own rough estimate for your DH time and report it to registration by 12:15pm. We need to seed everyone by these self seeding times in order to prevent the fastest rider catching up to a slower rider on their run. You won’t be able to give us a really accurate time as the clock will running constantly and won;t stop when you cross the line during your practice runs, but a time give or take a few seconds will be fine.

If you don’t record a seeding run time then you will go to the back of the queue and if that means you run up against a slower rider then so be it.

Recording your trials scores.

Your number board will have 5 empty squares on it, one for each trials obstacle. If you pass an obstacle the trials marshal at that obstacle will stamp your number board in the appropriate numbered box. Five stamps means you cleaned everything and you won’t be carrying any penalties from the trials event into the XC race on the Sunday.

Fours stamps means you will carry a one minute penalty in the XC race; three stamps means a two minute penalty and so on.

Once you have completed your trials obstacles you need to report to registration to have your penalties recorded.

You must report your trials penalties (or lack of) by 6:15pm on Saturday. After this time any unreported scores will be give a maximum five minute penalty to carry into the XC race on Sunday.


The penalties for the DH race will be finalised on the day as they are spread proportionately through the field depending on the overall spread of times recorded. Penalties for the DH are worked out automatically and you DON’T need to report your time to registration.

There will be a maximum of 10 penalty points for DH and 5 for trials, so on the Sunday you could be at the back setting off for the XC race up to 15 minutes behind the initial starters.

First over the line at the end of the race is truly the master of everything 🙂

And of course… Don’t forget! You can only ride one bike for the whole weekend. Marshals will be checking and noting down bikes and riders at registration. We will allow you to change pedals.. But that’s all 🙂

The Classic Weekender 2010 is brought to you by..


Ragley Bikes

Andy Stands

Lancashire County Council

Evans Cycles

Great Rock

Ride On

Rose Bikes

Getting There

The easiest way of getting directions is to Google (or key in to your SatNav) the following:- Kingfisher Centre Futures Park, Bacup, OL13 0BB.

Postcode for sat navs OL13 0BB

There is no visitor centre and no official car park but we do have agreement from the Kingfisher Centre that quarry users can use their car park from 6pm onwards weekdays and anytime at the weekends. If you visit the quarry midweek chances are there will be parking available on the road just after you turn in past the King Fisher Centre. There will be Singletrack Magazine flags marking the entrance to the car park from the main road.

Entries are still available! Click here to enter!

Comments (14)

  1. Really looking forward to it. I entered last year, but work ruined that plan.

    See ya all there.

  2. Will the DH course be marked up on Friday afternoon?

  3. Possibly, but it’s not likely to be available to ride until at least the evening as we will be marking it out friday afternoon. And also, you must note that there will be no marshals on the course until the official practice and seeding runs on Saturday morning so you ride it at your own risk if there are no marshals on the course.

  4. Are you singlespeeding it again this year Matt or did you learn your lesson last year?

  5. Thanks. Was hoping to have a play. I guess the ‘own risk’ bit would be like if i was riding there normally. Looking forward to it 🙂

  6. 🙂 Not singlespeeding this time. It was my tyres that held me back last year when i ripped though. More suitable bike this year with some fatter tyres too.

  7. Good plan. Sensible tyres should mean a sub 40 minute first lap on the XC this time then.
    I’m hoping not to dislocate my shoulder just before the DH this time. It didn’t seem to do my time any harm mind.
    Got sliced up good and proper by the quack in November and I’m back in reasonable form now. I’m hoping that my body doesn’t pack in after 2 XC laps again this year.
    See you next Friday. We’ll be bringing plenty of Bradfield Ale again for pre-race hydration

  8. We did a preview ride on Wednesday evening with Ed, lots of flat tyres amongst the group. Tyre choice could be a key factor! tough enough for the rocks but light enough for the xc!

    Hard tail or full sus? I reckon a hardtail is probaly best for this course? But then full suspension could be nice on a couple of the climbs as well as the downs.

    There will be another guided ride through the course by Ed next wednesday evening.

  9. Tony, big fire again this year?

  10. tell me about it Tony.. how many of us flatted…. can’t believe outta..what 8.. 6 flatted and we weren’t exactly pinning it to say the least…..

  11. BIG fire again! I went to check on the wood today,there is lots of it!

  12. Simonm, were the flats on the DH course or on the red loop?

  13. On the DH but you need to run the same tyres for both! If anything the xc is probably rockier anyway.

    Brownbacks xc race in the Quarry tomorrow (Sunday 27th)

  14. Will I be able to turn up and enter tomorrow?

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