Midweek Mini Movies

June 9, 2010

It’s that time of the week again, so take an extended lunch break at your computer, ogle some videos and fill your keyboard with crumbs.

Cragg Quarry, Bacup

Rowan Sorrell of Back On Track and Ed Oxley of Great Rock ride the latest trail they’ve helped build – there are plans to link it up to Lee Quarry too. Filmed by Tim Royle for Lancashire County Council.

Jon Taylor – Parklife

Nicely shot documentary about with Jon Taylor talking about his passion for BMX, as well as some brilliant riding – it’s a long one though. Shot by Oliver Walker. We can’t embed this but trust us, it’s well worth a click..



Award winning Welsh trials biking video with Matt Barlow taking the long way home, filmed by Bamboo Chicken Productions. I have no idea what a Bamboo Chicken is either.

Dog Walk

We try and feature at least one Singletrack users video every week and here’s a little lo-fi effort shot by Nick Kane on an iPod Nano while taking his dog for a walk. Nice video, awful T shirt.

If you’ve seen or made an inspirational riding video then send it to jon@singletrackworld.com. Even if it doesn’t get up here then it’ll keep us entertained..