Santa Cruz Carbon V-10

May 7, 2010

Yep, there’s been a lot of conjecture about what Santa Cruz might come out with next – especially as they seem keen on making things out of carbon. So the next big carbon thing looked like it might be the V10 – especially given the new Nomad, and the sheer (and surprising) strength and rigidity of the Blur models released last year.

So there’s going to be a new carbon V10. As Santa Cruz Mike says below, don’t expect to see them in the shops this summer, the team has literally just got hold of samples to ride.

Peaty's going to be defending his crown at the Lisbon downhill race this weekend on one.

It’s certainly far more ‘love it or hate it’ slim than the old V10. Opinion in the office is divided, though I (Chipps) reckon it looks great. A view that I share with Mr Peat…

Chunky, yet not...
That'll be Mr Minaar's one then
The new frame allows it to be run in 10in or 8.5in travel modes. (Does that make it a V8 then?)
(Driver 8) back end is still aluminium

Mike says:

“there have been rumors floating around for a while now about a carbon v-10 downhill bike, and the level of speculation has run the gamut from badly photoshopped alloy v-10s with carbon weave laid on the image to some very astute guesswork. none of the rumor-mongering or speculation was created by us, since we have been really busy spitting out other bikes and haven’t had the time nor the organizational chops to pull together a subversive, anti-marketing, marketing campaign.

anyway, there IS a new carbon v-10 in the works. the syndicate is in lousa, portugal right now testing the bike, and will be throwing it into the crucible of race competition at the lisboa downtown event, followed by what is shaping up to be a ripper of a world cup season. aside from greg minnaar squeezing in a few rides in california before heading to portugal, this testing is the first time any of the syndicate riders have swung a leg over the new bike. it’s also the first time the engineers have had anything other than some test lab samples to play with.

…it is a very different bike than the v-10 preceding it. in addition to the carbon front triangle, the bike now uses a driver 8 swingarm, can be adjusted between 8.5 and 10 inches of travel, and has an adjustable head angle independent of the travel adjustment… remember! this is a work in progress

regarding public availability? yes, one day. don’t expect to see any of the new bikes before interbike though. similarly, pricing and color options are still being worked on. as they say in the car commercials – “specifications subject to change without notice.””

He didn’t have time for punctuation, nor capitalisation. Sorry.

More gallery shots below for you.

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