10 Under the Ben

by Ben Haworth 2

Here’s Stu with some news…

“Headed up to Fort William yesterday to film some stuff with Joe at Kinlochleven. Also checked out the 10 Under the Ben course. There’s been a bit of chat on your forum about the event and course so wondered if you could post these details/pics up on the front page?…

“With only 2 weeks left until another season of No Fuss Events kicks off the guys behind No Fuss (Spook and Frazer) have been putting some major time in on the course and have made some pretty major changes from previous years. Despite being battered with several days of torrential Fort William rain the boys have added 5 new natural technical sections on the course and a few bits of boardwalk too. It’s all going to dry out to make some fantastic endurance racing!

“All the new sections were still under construction when I dropped by so didn’t get the chance to ride it all but Frazer has promised it will even blow the 10 at Kirroughtree course away (which is pretty special for those who haven’t ridden it!).  Unfortunately, due to understandable Forrestry restrictions they can’t give out the course map yet as there is still a bit of work to be done! But last time I counted there were 5 new sections of brand new trail on the course!

“Entries are filling up with all categories looking pretty competitive.  For some reason 10 Under the Ben seems to attract a wide variety of riders, from the solo endurance machines to the weekend warrior just having a go, last years Quads were even being won by a bunch of downhill racers!  Its always one of the most fun events of the year for me to film, I always head there to make the event video and as you can see from last years video below the sun always shines!”

For more information and to get an online entry log on to www.nofussevents.co.uk

10 Under The Ben 2009 from stu thomson on Vimeo.

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  2. Well,ten days to be exact 😉
    Thank god im not riding only fixing and…Hang on,no doubt i’ll get covered in mud too.
    Hope it dries out

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