The June Polaris

April 27, 2010

polarisEvent date: 12/13th June
Venue: Peak District (White Peak Area)
The Polaris Challenge began in Autumn 1991 as the very first two-day Mountain Biking Orienteering event in the World. It is still the biggest event of its kind and regularly attracts riders from all over the world, year after year.
The Polaris Challenge is a two-day event, combining mountain biking with navigation and touring. Teams of two (or solo) ride between checkpoints scattered over a large area of rugged country. Each checkpoint has a value and the aim of the challenge is to accumulate as many points as possible within each day’s time limit. Distance and ‘difficult to access’ checkpoints carry higher values and there are tough penalties for exceeding the time limits.
The Polaris Challenge is an opportunity for a great weekend’s riding through some wild country on trails and tracks- each event is very different.

Who takes the Challenge? Anyone who loves mountain biking.

You can take the Polaris Challenge seriously and go for maximum scores or treat it as a good excuse for a fun weekend of adventurous riding.
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