Sea Otter: Crank Bros 2011

April 16, 2010

Crank Bros started the the Sea Otter weekend off with a lunch and a presentation.

First off was a new book by photographers Sven Martin and Gary Perkin, detailing a year’s worth of competition. There are no captions, just stories by the resulting World Champions. Add it to the coffee table book shopping list.

Next up was the big story, the 2011 new Crank Bros stuff. Redesigned pedals (with full bearings on the mid to high end ones), rigid seatposts, stems and handlebars, along with a very unified look to the ranges.

Products come in number ranges. So ‘1’ is entry-level, then 2, 3 and finally ’11’ which is the top end groupset.

All bar the entry level pedals have needle bearing and cartridge bearings. The Candy gains a metal body that's completely sealed to the elements.

Colour coded new Crank Bros grips and stem. The Iodine All Mountain stem uses a wedge for the steerer. XC Cobalt ones use a wedge for the bars too.

It's no coincidence that the Crank Bros stuff matches the new SRAM colours.

Low rise handlebars. From entry level '1' to full carbon '11' bars

How's that for an up-together look?

New metal bodied Candy. This is the '2' level one

The triple Ti. Hopefully the durability will now live up to the look. Full needle and cartridge bearings.

The '3' level seatpost (in blue) with 20mm rear setback. There's also a zero setback one.

The 11 post in high-mod carbon

'3' level Cobalt XC stem uppermost with wedges for the bars and the steerer. The Iodine All Mountain stem below with bolt on faceplate.

Super light locking foam grips. Nice idea!

A case of Candy. The '1' level pedal (the old Candy C) is still plastic. Everything else is ally.

Hans Rey was there to announce a Crank Bros backed scheme to build 20 'Dream Bikes' that will travel the US and Europe on display for the year, to finally be auctioned off to raise money for Han's charity 'Wheel4Life'. It does great work in 20 countries supplying bikes (and backup) for 'people who need bikes way more than we do'. Best of luck Hans and Crank Bros!

Can you see a theme?

It's a bar. It's new. You may love it now.

Sven and Gary's new book will be distributed through Crank Bros' distributors worldwide.

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