Sea Otter: Conti, Fisher, Fizik, Foes

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First off, one for the retro crew. Here’s Missy Giove’s bikes from when she was racing for Foes Racing. Although bolt-on seat masts seem to have fallen out of vogue, the rest of the bike looks pretty current.

Mmmm… linkagetastic – and how about that trailing arm for the MRP device?

Back up to the future now we have the Foes Fluid prototype. 8in DH bike which, in a first for Foes, will run any other brand’s shock. It features a 2.3:1 shock ratio, different to their normal 2:1 ratio and is intended to be a little more down to earth in terms of compatibility and will build into a £4,000ish bike with Boxxers. Weight? Around 36lb reckons Foes.


From one end to the other… Here’s the Foes fixie offshoot ‘Street Rods’ flat bar for city zipping…

The Foes AMX is a 'UK inspired' hardtail, designed to take a 130mm fork. It certainly caused a great amount of debate the last time it appeared on Singletrackworld.

From Foes to Fizik – or rather: fi’zi:k

It's good to see women's saddles come in more than just pink and white.
From the company that brought you the furry saddle, comes the furry tartan saddle - in orange.
Fizik is also moving into seatposts too - seems a fair move for the saddle company. Neat design with angle-adjust thumbwheel and roadie-inspired saddle height marker (to remember your height if you remove your post - though it won't work if you're dropping the saddle)
Do not ride! OK then... Oh go on.
With rubber seat height reminder band
Fizik is joining the 'saddle with a channel' movement and offering grooved versions of its most popular models

And finally on to Conti. Not much to say just yet because they’re doing a big launch of a new model or two in a month or so. So here are a couple of hot-patch pictures.

On the other side it says 'And look at me!' just in case you didn't notice that the wheels were a little bigger than normal.
NOT a secret new model (even though this was in the hands of the Athertons' manager) - it's the US name for the Rubber Queen tyre. Apparently, the macho US riders objected to the Rubber Queen name and wanted something more butch. Yes, really.

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  1. That ex Missy Giove Foes has a massive downtube, all the better for concealing drugs in?

  2. re. the U.S. release Conti tyres. ha – ha

    They should of called ’em “Burgher Kings” (Burgher = as in German Town Mayor)

  3. I’m looking forward to the new Span Kings….

  4. There is something deeply troubling about America, I think.

  5. I hope someones going to clear the dog mess up that Foes is making.

  6. re: the rest of the bike looks pretty current.

    Is it just me or does the head angle look super steep?!

  7. Aye, head angle wouldn’t look out of place on a 5 inch trail bike these days.

    And that rubber height reminder on the fizik post, great if you remove your post for putting the bike in the car, but major fail if you drop your saddle for a bit of downhill action! D’Oh!

  8. The bolt on seat tower isn’t the only thing in Missy Giove’s world to fall out of favour!

  9. Like the AMX. I’ve got LT HT angst now…Foes AMX, One One carbon 456…

  10. Surely that should be ‘Foez Hot Rodz’ – for the bar spinzzz !

  11. That Foes Fluid is a swamp donkey.

  12. yeah it does look like its just been crashed into a wall

  13. “The Foes AMX is a ‘UK inspired’ hardtail, designed to take a 130mm fork”
    Is that why they have a 160mm fork in there?

    Also on missy giove’s foes DH bike, it has maxxis minion dhr(ear)s front and rear interestingly (or not, depending on your point of view)

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