Sea Otter: A few quickies

April 21, 2010

Hey, I’m supposed to be on a plane in about eight hours, so here’s a quick story to keep you going until I’m back from the States (in theory at least…)

WTB Peaty saddle. You win a World Champs on one of theirs and we're sure they'll make one for you too

And now on to some skinny VP pedals – these ones have a full length spindle, but they’re chopped out any pins that aren’t essential to grip and canted the body to let them be as skinny as possible

And they come in pretty colours too...

This stickered up Evil Revolt was on the Fox stand and we thought you’d like to see it. First-off, is that a downward pointing stem? It seems to be… Why not just lose those spacers? Nice off-centre head tube bolts for adjustable geometry to match the rear adjustable attitude

Those'll be the new 180mm Fox forks
Stem down!

And now on to e*thirteen who were showing an XC style single ring guard and some pretty new colours…

Run from 32T to 42 if you're butch enough.
e*thirteen - pretty... and designed to run in chain guides without pins or other fouling bits.

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